Student Health Insurance

Health Service

Gustavus students are required to carry health insurance. All full-time students are automatically enrolled into a comprehensive health insurance plan. In order to decline this coverage, students must complete an online waiver verifying other health insurance coverage. The waiver will be available online at (click on the "Waive my coverage" note). Detailed primary insurance information is needed to complete the waiver.

All students will be changed the $1699 annual insurance premium. Students with their own health insurance will need to complete the online waiver by the end of August. Once the waiver is complete students will see a $1699 credit to their student account.

The Gustavus student health insurance program is administered through EIIA and is effective August 10, 2014-August 9, 2015. It is a very competitive plan with a $250 deductible and $2500 out of pocket maximum (for preferred providers).

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