New Employee Resources

Human Resources

Before your first day

All new employees are required to contact Human Resources at (507) 933-7304 to schedule New Hire Orientation (NEO). If you are eligible for benefits, you will receive a link to benefits documents. Please review this information prior to NEO. Please complete the new employee paperwork prior to your start date and have your identification.

These forms are to be completed prior to your third day of employment and returned to Human Resources.

Form I-9 

Employment Eligibility Verification. Please complete section one of the I-9. Identification documents required are listed on page 9 of the I-9 form. If you are an alien authorized to work in the United States, you may apply for or retrieve form I-94. Reminder identification hard copies are required.

Form W-4

Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. Employees must complete for tax purposes.

Direct Deposit Authorization

Payroll is paid through direct deposit. You may use up to three separate checking and savings accounts to direct your deposits.

Personnel File

Review the following information about your personnel file in Human Resources.

Acknowledgment and Receipt of Receiving the Staff Handbook

Once you received a copy of the Staff Handbook complete this document. Please review the Staff Handbook. The Staff Handbook is also on the Human Resources website under “Internal Resources.” 

Affirmative Action

These Affirmative Action disclosures are voluntary however they help Human Resources understand the differences of our employees. These forms are completely confidential.

Tuition Benefit

Review the Tuition Benefit Plan policy to understand if you are eligible for this benefit.

Salary Spread Over 12-months

Please review the Salary Spread Over 12-months form. Exempt employees who work less than 12 months are eligible. Part-time employees are not eligible.