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Employee Enhancement Days 2020

The Office of Human Resources is excited to present Employee Enhancement Days 2020. This great week of learning will take place February 3-7. If you attend five (5) different sessions throughout the week, you will be entered to win a $100 Bookmark gift card! Please note that you must have this card stamped at each session that you attend. We look forward to seeing you all there! Please contact Ann Johnson or x6320 with any questions. Sessions and descriptions for the week are listed below. All sessions, except for the canvas painting session, will take place in the Heritage Room.

Tom McHugh | How Gustavus (non-faculty) staff can use Starfish to enhance student retention | Monday, Feb. 3rd 1-1:45 PM and Thursday, Feb. 6th 9-9:45 AM Starfish is used primarily by Gustavus faculty instructors, advisors, and academic support staff to communicate with students and fellow colleagues regarding advising and academic support concerns, progress, and referrals. But did you know that ALL Gustavus employees (including non-faculty staff) can help contribute to student retention and success by using Starfish to assist and refer students? Attend this session to learn how you can best assist students using Starfish. Please bring your laptop if you have one! 

Siri Erickson | Rooted and Open: Fostering Religious Diversity and Inclusion at Gustavus |Thursday, Feb. 6th 2-2:45 PM and 3-35 PM and Thursday, Feb. 6th 2-2:45 PM and 3-35 PM. Gustavus is becoming a more religiously diverse campus. This workshop will introduce you to key terms, trends, and best practices for supporting students and colleagues from a variety of religious and spiritual traditions. Through presentation, discussion, resources, and practical ideas, you will gain confidence in navigating religious diversity at Gustavus and understand how religious diversity is supported by the College's values and mission.

Erin Kuiper | Lead from where you are. | Monday, Feb. 3rd 9-9:45 AM and Tuesday, Feb. 4th 1-1:45 PM “You don’t have to hold a position in order to be a leader.” – Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company Do you not currently hold a “position of leadership,” but still want to make a difference? Join us. Spend some time on yourself surrounded by others looking to take their work and personal lives to the next level. This session is for any Gustavus employee who is open to self-discovery and willing to help others on their journey to confidence and purpose. Tools needed: Positive energy and an open mind. Help us build an encouraging, positive community of leaders focused on lifting each other up. Someone already looks to you for leadership; I guarantee it. During this workshop, you will:

  • Identify qualities that define strong leaders
  • Uncover hurdles on your path to leadership
  • Build tools to help navigate over, under, around or through those hurdles
  • Connect with other Gustavus employees who believe in continuous growth
  • Create a leadership goal for the rest of the semester

Elizabeth Kubek | Today's Gusties: Using Data to Understand our Students. | Wednesday, Feb. 5th 11-11:45 AM and Thursday, Feb. 6th 1-1:45 PM Do you have questions about how the current generation of college students thinks, feels, and dreams? At Gustavus we learn a lot about our students through personal interaction, but if we want “big picture” information we often use student surveys that also let us track national trends. Surveys like NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) and BCSSE (Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement) let us see how our Gusties respond to questions about their preparation, goals, expectations, and state of mind, in the first year and beyond. We can also see how they compare to students nation-wide, and how their responses have changed over the years. The Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLO) Committee looks at data sources and needs for the Gustavus community, and discusses how this information can be used to promote student success. We want to share some of what we have learned about today’s Gusties, and we also want to hear suggestions from you. So come learn about the information available to you, and help us support our students and tell our story to the world!

Karri Anderson | Canvas Painting | Monday, Feb. 3rd 11-11:45 AM and Wednesday, Feb. 2-2:45 PM Did you know that painting promotes mental health and improves your overall quality of life? Join a fun and creative session led by our own Karri Anderson as we create a one-of-a-kind Gustavus canvas painting. Space is limited, so sign up today for a spot. Thanks to the Book Mark for helping to create and organize this event. Check back later for a photo of the artwork that you will be creating! This session will take place in the Market Place.

Service Session | Tuesday, Feb. 4th 11-11:45 AM and Friday, Feb. 7th 2-2:45 PM During these sessions, we will be preparing donations for two local non-profits. Both sessions will focus on Partners for Affordable Housing and the St. Peter Food Shelf. Please come and join in the fun of creating tie-blankets and packing bags of food. No experience necessary!

Kathi Tunheim | How Do Gustavus Employees Want to be Recognized for their Contributions at Work? | Monday, Feb. 3rd 10-10:45 AM and Tuesday, Feb. 4th 2-2:45 PM Kathi Tunheim, Vice-President for Mission, Strategy and Innovation and Acting Human Resource Director, is interested in what you think. We all know pay is critically important. But do you feel recognized when you get your paycheck? Your 403b? Holiday parties? Turkeys and Hams? Come to this session and participate in a number of interactive exercises that could influence the future of employee recognition at Gustavus. Kathi will also share some of the latest state-of-the-art ideas other organizations are using to better engage and recognize their employees.

Brianne Twaddle | New Tech: Google Groups and Adobe Creative Cloud using Virtual Lab | Friday, Feb. 7th 11-11:45 AM Come learn what's new in tech this year! This session will talk about 2 major changes that happened this year: 1) Google Groups and 2) Adobe Creative Cloud on Virtual Lab. This session will cover how to create a google group, edit your current ones and manage the members of those groups. We will also cover how to use Virtual Lab to access and use Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Marni Dunning | Google Calendar | Wednesday, Feb. 5th 9-9:45 AM Have you ever missed a meeting? Are you double booked? Have you tried emailing people to set up a meeting only to find it a massive headache to organize? Wish you could see how busy your day before your day starts? Never say yes to any of those questions again - come learn the basics to Google Calendar and make yourself better organized this year!

Marni Dunning | Create Spectacular Surveys using Qualtrics | Friday, Feb. 7th 1-1:45 PM Gustavus invested in Qualtrics for all faculty, staff and students to use. Come learn how easy it is to create simple to complex, interactive, fun, surveys using Qualtrics. You can use Qualtrics for surveys, assessments, registrations, plus much more! Note: Bring a laptop if you want to follow along (not required)!

Angela Erickson and Liz Vine | Admission and Alumni and Parent Engagement: What We Do and Why it Matters to You | Wednesday, Feb. 5th 3-3:45 PM and Friday, Feb. 7th 3-3:45 PM In this interactive session, Liz and Angela will provide an overview of their respective offices, what they do, and how it impacts the mission-central work of the College. They'll also share great examples of how their teams successfully collaborate with members of our campus community and offer opportunities to highlight the good work of your own department or program through increased involvement in efforts to engage prospective students, parents, and alumni.

Anthony Bettendorf | Understanding Your Own Identities | Thursday, Feb. 6th 12-12:45 PM and Friday, Feb. 7th 9-9:45 AM  As faculty, administrators, and professional staff members at the college we function in two realms: our professional roles and as human beings with personal lives, identities, and experiences. In our line of work these two realms often overlap. We are charged with serving students and our specific job role at the college. In these two realms, we are also educators who can help students reflect on, interpret, and understand their college experiences. We especially want to assist students in interpreting and understanding their multicultural experiences. In order to do this, it can help us to set aside our “professional” status and allow ourselves to reflect on our own identities in order to educate ourselves and others about experiences we’ve had that have helped to shape us in our multicultural exploration. This session will allow participants to begin to explore and name their own identities and experiences, and share with others.

Katy Clay, Cinde Wiebusch, and Marni Dunning | Online Accessibility | Monday, Feb. 3rd 2-2:45 PM and Thursday, Feb. 6th 11-11:45 AM Katy and Cinde from the Academic Support Center, along with Marni from GTS, will share tips and tricks to ensure your online content is accessible to all students and employees. Cinde will demonstrate how to create PDFs that are compatible with online reading software. Marni will show how to accurately caption videos (the captions provided by YouTube are often incredibly inaccurate). This session is best suited for faculty with online course content, but everyone interested in having accessible online content is welcome to attend.

Tuition Scholarship Plan for Dependent Children

Dependent children of employees hired after June 1, 2009 will be eligible for the full tuition benefit after four (4) years of the parent's full-time employment. Benefits begin at the start of the semester following the anniversary date. A parent's service at a qualifying higher education institution immediately preceding employement at Gustavus will be considered for the four (4) years of full-time employement requirement. The tuition scholarship does not cover room and board or any special fees. 

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