Gustavus Professional Development Days

The Office of Human Resources presented Gustavus Professional Development Days 2021. These great few days of learning took place Wednesday, January 27th - Friday, January 29th. 

If you missed the live sessions or want to see them again, please click on the recordings below.

Please contact Ann Johnson or x6320 with any questions.

Sessions descriptions and links to recordings are listed below. 

Title: ACTing Through COVID
Aaron Geringer
Wednesday, Jan. 27th 9 -9:50 AM

Many of us have said it, 2020 was a difficult year. Through the pandemic and the age of social distancing, many of us experienced heightened levels of boredom, loneliness, stress, anxiety, and/or depression. During the last several months it has been easy to lose touch with ourselves and who we want to be. This workshop utilizes principles from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to provide a framework for coping with stressors that are out of our control, refocusing on what is most important to us in life, and taking effective actions to reclaim life. Each participant in this workshop will leave with their own individualized plan on how they can cope with boredom, loneliness, and stress as we continue through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Title: Substance Use Trends & How to Identify Substance Use
Cassie Ramerth
Wednesday, Jan. 27th 10 -10:50 AM

We will be identifying substance use trends nationwide and locally. In this course we will take a look at drug paraphernalia and address how to identify substance. 

Title: Canvas Painting
Karri Anderson
Wednesday, Jan. 27th 11 -11:50 AM and Friday, Jan. 29th 3-3:50 PM.
Socially Distanced in Alumni Hall

Did you know that painting promotes mental health and improves your overall quality of life? Join a fun and creative session led by our own Karri Anderson as we create a one-of-a-kind Gustavus canvas painting. Space is limited, so sign up today for a spot. Thanks to the Book Mark for helping to create and organize this event. Check back later for a photo of the artwork that you will be creating!

Title: Admissions and Alumni 
Angela Erickson and Kaitlin Hanson
Wednesday, Jan. 27th 2-2:50PM

In this interactive session, Kaitlin and Angela will provide an overview of their respective offices, what they do, and how it impacts the mission-central work of the College. They'll also share great examples of how their teams successfully collaborate with members of our campus community and offer opportunities to highlight the good work of your own department or program through increased involvement in efforts to engage prospective students, parents, and alumni.

Title: Stress and Resilience
Hannah Godbout
Wednesday, Jan. 27th 3:30-4:20 PM

In this time of great change and adjustment some stress is inevitable, but it does not have to impact us as negatively as you may think. 

This talk is about reframing how we think about stress and how this can lead to an increase in our ability to be resilient.

Title: Help Us Improve the Performance Evaluation System at Gustavus for Staff Employees
Kathi Tunheim
Thursday, Jan. 28th 10-10:50AM

Improving the Performance Evaluation System is one of the top priorities of the Gustavus Acts 2.0 Strategic Plan this year. You are invited to this session to provide input toward our future, improved tools and process. We will be discussing questions such as: What do you hope to get out of your once a year performance appraisal? How effective is it being rated as a number as has been done in the past? Are you typically satisfied with the conversation? What do you dread about it? Please join me in an interactive session where you can positively influence the 2021 process.

Title: Games with Gusties
Paul Matzke
Thursday, Jan. 28th 10:50 - 11:40 AM and Friday, Jan. 29th 1-1:50 PM

Join us for a virtual coffee break. Don't worry - no singing, drawing, or acting is required! We are encouraging all staff and faculty to participate. We're keeping it short and just enough time to get a healthy dose of laughter. Sign up required! I pick two letters and give clues to guess what the two words are. It could be a phrase, person, place, or thing and you have to figure out what it is!

Title: Updates from the PCDEI 
Siri Erickson
Thursday, Jan. 28th 2-2:50PM

Come hear what the PCDEI learned through its November and December listening sessions, share what you hope to see in a new cabinet-level leader for DEI, and learn about upcoming DEI educational opportunities for faculty and staff.

Title: Be a Work from Home Superhero!
Marni Dunning
Thursday, Jan. 28th 3-3:50PM

Whether you work from home or your team works from home, you can understand the challenges that come with it. This presentation will walk you through effective practices to be efficient and engaged, different ways to communicate, and how to use the tech tools provided to you to accomplish all this!

Title: Grief and Loss Workshop 
Alyssa Baker and Elizabeth McKay
Friday, Jan. 29th 9 -9:50 AM

This workshop focuses on increasing awareness of the grief process, various types of grief, the unique difficulties of grieving in college, as well as providing education on coping skills to aid in the grieving process and how staff and faculty can play a supportive role for students who are grieving.

Title: Vocational Reflection: Gustavus and You
Marcia Bunge
Friday, Jan. 29th 10-10:50 AM

Encouraging vocational reflection is one of the priorities in the Gustavus Acts strategic plan. At Gustavus the notion of vocation means more than profession, paid work, or personal passions. But what does the college’s comprehensive notion of vocation exactly mean? And what does vocation mean for you and your life? This workshop introduces the concept of vocation that informs Gustavus and explores its significance for faculty, staff, and students of all backgrounds. Participants will hear comments from diverse students about the importance of vocational reflection for their lives, and they will have the opportunity to reflect on their own strengths, values, sense of purpose, and life journey.

Title: Chair Yoga Using Embracing Ease Principles
Michele Rusinko
Friday, Jan. 29th 11-11:50AM

This 50-minute session will utilize a steady chair (ideally not a rolling office chair), and a small amount of space around the chair. It will be a gentle yet strength building session that is open to all levels of participants. Yoga, including chair yoga, can help reduce pain in stiff muscles and joints, lower stress and anxiety, and improve immune function and balance. Included will be exercises that can be done during short breaks while sitting at a desk and/or included in a longer personal practice.