Enrollment Checklist

Center for International and Cultural Education

Below is some information for international students, to help complete the Gustavus Enrollment Checklist:

Go to your Gustavus Enrollment Checklist to complete the forms required for enrollment. You must first activate your Gustavus User Account. You should receive an e-mail, the day after you paid your enrollment deposit, with activation instructions. Contact the Gustavus Technology Helpline (helpline@gustavus.edu or 507-933-6111) if you need help.

Housing. First year degree students should complete the First Year Housing form. Exchange students or teaching assistants or transfer students should complete the Transfer/Exchange Housing form.

Course Registration. First year degree students should complete the Gustie Gear-Up RSVP and Curriculum Preference forms, and relevant placement exams. Then you will be scheduled for an appointment with a faculty advisor to talk by phone or skype to get registered for fall semester. You should receive an e-mail to your Gustavus e-mail address with information about your appointment. Exchange students or teaching assistants or transfer students should complete relevant placement exams, but not the Gustie-Gear-Up RSVP and Curriculum Preference forms, and will receive instructions by e-mail about course registration.

New Student Information. If the format of this form does not work for your addresses, you may enter your country and/or province for "state". For "Zip", you could put your postal code (if any). If you are an exchange student, you could put the year that your exchange program ends in the "Expected Grad Year" field. Please note that not all of the fields are required, so you can decide how much information to provide.

Meal Plan. You may choose your meal plan option from the Enrollment Checklist. If you do not choose, you will automatically be enrolled in and billed for meal plan option 1, which is the least expensive option. If you choose meal plan option 2 or option 3, you will be charged for that amount. You may change to a larger or smaller meal plan at any point during the semester. Go to Gustavus Dining Service for more information.

Billing & Directory. You may indicate where you would like your account statement sent before each semester. If you would like it sent to you, in your Gustavus PO box, you can leave the "Billing Information" section blank. If you would like the account statement sent to a parent or sponsor, you should complete that section. You may put the country and/or province in the "State" field and the postal code (if any) in the "Zip" field. In the section about Directory Information, you may leave that blank if you want others to have access to that directory information (listed on the form). If you check any of the boxes, even your family or friends will not have access to that information.

Student Conduct Code. Please read and submit, if you agree to the Student Conduct Code. If you have questions or concerns about the Student Conduct Code, please contact our Dean of Students Office (dswanber@gustavus.edu or 507-933-7526).

Health Insurance Waiver. You will not complete this form. All Gustavus students are required to have health insurance. Students are automatically enrolled in a comprehensive health insurance policy administered by United HealthCare Student Resources. There is nothing that you need to do. You will be automatically enrolled and the cost will be charged to your Gustavus student account. This insurance covers all services provided at the Gustavus Health Service, and is accepted at clinics across the state and country, including the hospital located 2 miles from the Gustavus campus. As you probably know, health care in the United States is very expensive. This policy is designed to comply with the requirements of the U.S. Affordable Health Care Act, as well as meet the needs of most students, at a cost that is less than comparable policies elsewhere. Full plan details will be available on the Gustavus Health Service website. International students are not allowed to waive the required health insurance policy, except in some rare circumstances. You should receive more information in an e-mail from Heather Dale, Director of the Gustavus Health Service, and may contact health-service@gustavus.edu with questions about health insurance or anything else related to Gustavus Health Service. They are closed during the summer, so it may take up to a week before you receive a response.

Health History. Please complete this form on the Enrollment Checklist before you arrive for international student orientation. The Health Forms include information about immunizations, past medical history and a Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire (you do not need to have TB testing completed). If you will be under the age of 18 when you arrive there are some additional forms for you to complete. You will meet with Gustavus Health Service medical staff during orientation. If you need any of the required immunizations or a TB test, those will be completed at Gustavus Health Service (all on campus medical services and immunizations are included in your student health insurance fee). Please contact the Gustavus Health Service at health-service@gustavus.edu with questions about the health forms or anything else related to Gustavus Health Service. They are closed during the summer, so it may take up to a week before you receive a response.

Student Employment. You should complete this form if you have student employment as part of your financial aid. Students are paid directly each month according to the number of hours worked. There is a maximum amount that you can earn from student employment each academic year. That maximum amount is specified in your financial aid award. If you choose to work less than that maximum amount, it is okay. The amount of your student employment award will not show on your account statement. The payments for your work will not go into your student account. You can decide what to do with the money that you earn from student employment. Some students use that money to help pay for their living expenses and other students save it to help pay for their next semester. Exchange students or teaching assistants do not have student employment. To work in the United States, students need to apply for a social security card complete some forms (I-9, W-2), and will do that during international student orientation and the first weeks of the semester.

Direct Deposit Authorization. You most likely will not complete this form until after you open a U.S. bank account. Eventually, most students complete a Direct Deposit Authorization form so that their student employment payments are automatically deposited in their bank account. The Enrollment Checklist indicates that you should complete that Direct Deposit Authorization form by July 1, but you will not be able to complete that, unless you already have a U.S. bank account. It is okay if you do not. You may complete the direct deposit authorization after you are here and after you have opened a bank account. 

Additional Scholarships. You should complete this form only if you are receiving a scholarship from a source other than Gustavus. If you do receive an outside scholarship, from a source other than Gustavus, it is helpful to let our Financial Aid Office to know about it, by completing this form.

There are some other things you must do, in addition to the items on the Enrollment Checklist.

Jeff Anderson, Assistant Director of International Student and Scholar Services, will send information and advise you about applying for your student visa.

Jeff Anderson will also send you the link to an online Google Form where you will provide detailed arrival information, to help in planning for your arrival at Minneapolis / Saint Paul international airport and Gustavus. 

Please check your Gustavus e-mails throughout the summer. Most departments at Gustavus will only use your Gustavus e-mail, and not your home e-mail, so you may miss some important things if you do not check your Gustavus e-mail regularly.