Arriving at Gustavus

Center for International and Cultural Education

Gustavus Arrival. New international students beginning in our 2022 fall semester should arrive at Gustavus on August 28 or 29, 2022. New international students beginning in our 2023 spring semester should arrive at Gustavus on January 31 or February 1, 2023. You may choose which of those days works best for you, and plan your travel accordingly.

Arrival Form. Jeff Anderson will send you an online form to provide us with the information we need to prepare for your arrival. Login to your Gustavus user account to complete the form. If you cannot access the form, please contact Jeff Anderson, Assistant Director of International Student and Scholar Services.

Intercultural Partners. IPs are current students who will welcome you to Gustavus and participate in the international student orientation.

Flying. We will provide transportation from Minneapolis / Saint Paul International Airport to Gustavus on the Land to Air Express on the arrival dates. Gustavus will make the Land to Air Express reservation, according to when your flight arrives, and pay for your ticket. The last Land to Air Express departs the airport at 9:00 pm, so you should make sure that your flight arrives early enough to make that last Land to Air Express. If Minneapolis / Saint Paul International Airport is your first stop in the U.S., you will go through immigration and customs when you arrive, so you should plan for additional time. If you miss the last Land to Air Express, you may have to stay at the airport or a hotel until the first Land to Air Express the next morning.

Driving. If you plan to drive to Gustavus with family or friends, you may arrive any time on those arrival dates. You may contact Jeff Anderson when you get to campus, and our IPs will meet you and help you get moved into your residence hall.

Changes to travel plans. You and Jeff Anderson and the IPs will be in communication with each other on your arrival day, in case there are flight delays or other changes to the schedule. You may need to wait for some time between your flight arrival and the next Land to Air Express.

Family. If you plan to have family accompany you, please communicate with Jeff Anderson about that. Your family is welcome at Gustavus! We have a guest house on campus in which they may stay for up to three nights, if there is space available. If there is not space in the guest house, they may stay in a nearby hotel. It can be nice for your family to see Gustavus, but there is not much for families to do during the orientation, and it is difficult for students to fully participate in the orientation and also spend much time with their families. You will be very busy! Most international students arrive without family, even if they have not traveled on their own before. CICE and our IPs will help you to figure out all of the logistics and welcome you here, so it should be fine to come here without family. And it is also fine to come with family. Whatever you and your family decide should work well. Unfortunately, our guest house may not be available for 2022 fall semester, because it is a COVID-19 quarantine location.