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fall 2017 orientation group - connect with Gusties

It can be heplful to connect with others Gusties prior to your arrival.

The Intercultural Partners (IPs) are a wonderful group of returning Gustavus international students who have volunteered to help with your arrival and with leading the international student orientation. Some IPs will be at the airport to greet you and help you find the Land to Air Express that will take you to Gustavus, and other IPs will be at Gustavus to greet you and help you move into your residence halls. The IPs have experienced the transition to life here, and will be great resources for you! The IPs will also be leaders during the international student orientation. For some sessions you will be in small groups, led by IPs. Your IP group leader should contact you in August. Please feel free to ask them lots of questions about life at Gustavus!

The Gustie Greeters are an enthusiastic group of returning Gustavus students who have volunteered to help lead the orientation for all new Gustavus students, which follows the international student orientation. You will be in an orientation group led by one of the Gustie Greeters. You should receive an e-mail from a Gustie Greeter in August. Please feel free to ask lots of questions and get to know them. They can be a good resource for you. 

Other new international students. We are expecting new students from many parts of the world. Since you will be experiencing similar adjustments to the culture, a new academic system, and being far away from home, it is nice to get to know each other well and have each other for support. Those friendships begin to develop during orientation!

Social Media. You can connect with other new Gustavus students on Twitter or Facebook. There will be pages for your class. 

Roommate. Our Residential Life Office will make residence hall and roommate placements, and send information to you about that. It is nice to communicate with your roommate before you get here! We encourage you to do that. 

Center for International and Cultural Education (CICE) student employees. Our student employees can tell you more about life at Gustavus.