Cell Phones

Most Gustavus students, but not all, have cell phones. There are many cell phone options, and the terms can be confusing. It is good to research your options, talk with current students, and ask questions to cell phone and plan providers. Cell phones in the U.S. are typically bought together with the phone plan (for calling, texting, and data usage) from the same carrier company and are normally “locked," which means that the phone works only with SIM cards from the carrier you bought the phone and plan from. If you want to change the SIM card/carrier or your plan, you will need to either buy a new phone or have the phone unlocked by the carrier company from which it was purchased. If you bring a cell phone from home, you could buy a SIM card and plan in the U.S. There are a broad range of costs for cell phones and plans, which depend on the type of plan and features.

Types of plans:

  • Prepaid. Pay upfront for the plan before using it. Usually more affordable than monthly plans.
  • Pay-as-you-go. Pay per minute of call, per text (sometimes limited to a certain number of characters or words), and per amount of data usage.
  • Monthly. Pay a set amount per month for calls, texts and data usage. Typically calls and texts are unlimited, but there is an allotted amount of data usage that varies for each plan, and if you exceed the allotted amount data usage for the month, you have to pay extra. There are plans for unlimited data usage, which are normally the most expensive. Plans may or may not cover international calls.

Some affordable online options:

  • H2o. Uses At&T’s 4G LTE network. Has pay-as-you-go or monthly unlimited plans. No contract options. Every step can be done online.
  • Mint. Uses T-Mobile’s coverage. Good prepaid plans for those who call, text, and use a lot of data. Every step can be done online.

Cell phone provider stores in Saint Peter (There are more cell phone provider stores in nearby Mankato):

  • AT&T (1123 S. Minnesota Ave., Suite B) 507-931-7390
  • Verizon (1126 S Minnesota Ave., Suite 300) 507-931-7378

Some options to limit cell phone minutes or data usage:

  • Gustavus Wireless Network. Is free and available at nearly all locations on campus. Students typically have cell phones and plans, but can limit data usage by using the Gustavus wireless network.
  • WhatsApp. Call or text for free when connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Skype. Video chat, call or message for free when connected to Wi-Fi.