Student Organizations


Diversity Leadership Council Statement October 4, 2013



Diversity Leadership Council (DLC)

Meeting Time: Wednesdays 6 pm Location: Board Room

Building Bridges

Meeting Time: Wednesdays 9 pm Location: Board Room

Chinese Culture Culture (CCC)

The DLC supports student organizations that advocate for on-campus diversity through keeping a unified calendar of scheduled events, sharing resources and information, and sponsoring and co-sponsoring events with those organizations. The DLC communicates with a collective voice when it recognizes the need to preserve and protect the advocacy of on-campus diversity.

Building Bridges is a student-intiated, student-led diversity conference dedicated to addressing the pressing social and global issues of today. Building Bridges promotes mutual respect and understanding about diversity throughout the college campus and larger communities.

CCC increases the understanding of the Chinese culture between Chinese students and students from other countries to help disseminate the merits of the Chinese culture. CCC also assists Chinese students at Gustavus in various aspects of life and seeks to establish relations between Chinese students at Gustavus and those at other schools.

College Democrats

Meeting Time: Wednesdays 8 pm Location: Board Room

College Republicans

Meeting Time: Wednesdays 7 pm


Meeting Time: Tuesdays 7 pm Location: IC Kitchen

The College Democrats promotes political discussions and provides opportunities for Gustavus students to be involved in the political process and learn the core values of the Democratic Party.  All are welcome, regardless of religion, sex, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, socio-economic status, ethnicity, or nationality.

The Gustavus College Republicans promotes the principles of the Repbulican Party among Gustavus students to prepare them for future service to the Republican Party, the state of Minnesota, and to the United States of America. It provides forums for discussion, develops leadership abilities and political skills among Republican students, and aids in the election of Republican candidates.

The Crossroads Program was created in 1996 to embody the core values and mission of Gustavus Adolphus College. Crossroads aspires to be a community of persons from diverse backgrounds who respect and affirm the dignity of all people. It brings together a population of international students; domestic students who have studied or will live abroad; and students interested in language, culture and the study of the world.

Hmong American Cultural Outreach (HACO)

Meeting Time: Tuesdays 7:30 pm Location: Beck 101

I Am We Are

Meeting Time: Thursdays 9 pm Location: Black Box

International Cultures Club (ICC)

Meeting Time: Thursdays 4:30 pm Location: Gustie Den

HACO promotes the unity, culture, and heritage of Hmong students and serves as a social network to help Hmong students acclimate to Gustavus. It also educates and shares with the campus community about the beauty of the Hmong’s history, culture, and heritage.

I Am We Are is a student-led organization that partners with The Thambo Project and strives to create a more socially just campus community through the organization and presentation of theatrical performances and workshops that deal with issues of social justice. Based in the works of Augusto Boal, and begun by Vanita Vactor in 1995, the group has a number of performances both on- and off-campus throughout the year.

The International Cultures Club (ICC) brings interantiaonal and American students together to promote international awareness and appreciation of different cultures. ICC organizes many cultural events that are open to the Gustavus community. ICC also provides members with opportunities to interact with members of cultural organizations at other schools.

Japanese Culture Club (JCC)


Meeting Time: Tuesdays 7 pm Location: Interfaith Space

M-Pact: Mentoring Men for Lives of Meaning and Making A Difference

Meeting Time: Tuesdays 6 pm Location: Board Room

JCC promotes awareness and understanding of Japan's unique culture through regular group meetings and campus-wide events each semester.

Gustavus Meditation is dedicated to providing loving-kindness and insightful meditation through facilitated weekly meditation opportunities.

The Gustavus Adolphus College Men's group is a student-led organization that organizes forums and retreats for male students to develop their leadership abilities, and discuss and discern their masculinity and role in their family and community.


Meeting Time:Thursdays 6:30 pm Location: Interfaith Space

Organization for Latin American and Spanish Cultures (OLAS)

Meeting Time: Wednesdays 8 pm Location: Linnear Lounge

Pan Afrikan Student Organization (PASO)

Meeting Time: Mondays 9 pm Location: Beck 111

Mosaic brings students and student groups of various faith, religious, and observant traditions together to engage one another in open dialogues and positive exchanges from an interfaith perspective.

OLAS strives to educate the campus and St. Peter communities and develop awareness of the history and language of Latin American and Spanish countries through activities and events in which an interchange of cultures will take place.


PASO foster amiable relationships between its members and the campus at large by promoting cultures of the African homeland Black Diaspora. PASO welcomes all non-African members while still holding true to the practice and belief of the unity of the Black hearts, the Black minds, the Black bodies and the Black souls.

Queers and Allies (Q&A)

Meeting Time:Wednesdays 9:15pm Location: WAC

The Womyn's Awareness Center (WAC)

Meeting Time: Tuesdays 9:15 pm Location: WAC

Zeta Chi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.

Q&A is a student-led organization that fosters a supportive environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, and allied (GLBTA) students on campus by providing written materials, workshops, and panel discussions on GLBTA. Q&A also facilitates Safe Zone Training to provide a safe place for people to learn and ask questions about the GLTBA community. (For me, see website.)

WAC is dedicated to increasing community awareness of women's needs, contributions, and potential for growth and service. The center's underlying assumption is that the advancement of women will benefit all of society. The center is a designated safe place for womyn and men interested in womyn's issues to think, discuss, argue, laugh, and freely be themselves. It also serves as a resource center for feminist, reproductive rights, justice, queer, and various other issues.

Zeta promotes the unity, the growth, and leadership of women of diverse backgrounds in the Gustavus community and prepares them for future leadership and service in society.  By making all aware and educating the community on diverse issues, Zeta members believe that the community will be strengthened and united.