Resources for International Students

International students have unique situations as they begin their career exploration and planning or internship/job search in terms of work authorization and employment eligibility if they hope to stay in the United States. You are strongly encouraged to connect with the Gustavus CICE for assistance. Career Development is also available for questions. Call (507-933-7575) or stop in to schedule an appointment with a Career Development Specialist.

International Students - Career & Internship Resources

Searching for a job or internship requires the utilization of several resources and strategies. In addition to the resources provided on the Career Industry Area pages, see below for additional guidance for international students.

H1B Database via GoinGlobal 

View employers that have historically hired international candidates. Access to GoinGlobal is granted with your single sign on Gustavus email and password.
Follow this video to utilize the H1B database and its filters, note you must first log in to GoinGlobal to access the video.

Historical Career Outcomes

Access previous job titles, companies and career outcomes for the past 3 years of Gustavus international students. Gustavus log in is required, click here.

Tips to Support Your Search 

  • Promote your experiences including the ability to work in diverse situations and teams, critical thinking, communication and multilingual abilities, creativity and worldly perspective.
  • Be willing to advocate for yourself AND ask for help. Gustavus staff, faculty and fellow international students can share their knowledge of the job search process. Educate yourself on student visa guidelines and immigration processes and be prepared to communicate this information to potential employers
    • Guidelines related to Curricular Practical Training and Occupational Practical Training (OPT) are different, and differ by degree level as well as area of major. Most OPT opportunities will provide 12 months of employment eligibility, additional time is alloted for STEM majors. 
  • Build connections off campus. International Gustavus alumni can serve as supporters, provide resources and can share their experiences with the search process.
  • Enhance your skills and hands on learning through on/off campus employment, volunteering, internships and student involvement.
  • See the guidelines for international student internships here. Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is required for F-1 visa status students seeking off-campus employment, paid or unpaid internships, fellowships or research opportunities and must be completed for credit and registered with both CICE and the Center for Career Development
    Guidelines for CPT can be found here.

General Resources

GoinGlobal: H1B Visa database, resources for working abroad, sourcing opportunities

eBooklet for International Students: Immigration, Work Visa, and Green Card Options

Candid Career Video - International Students: Visa Process and Time Frame

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

H-1B Visa Jobs and Sponsorship Portal

International Student - Working in the USA

My Visa Jobs

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Search past H1B Sponsors

Top 1000 H-1B Visa and Green Card Sponsors

Gustavus List of Employers Who Have Hired Intenational Graduates

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