First Generation Network and Programming

The First Forward network is being developed in efforts to provide sustained and intentional support for our first-generation students at Gustavus. These efforts aim to provide guidance and direction not only as students transition from high school to college, but as they continue to navigate their journey through college. 

What is meant by first-generation? 

The term first-generation typically refers to someone whose parents did not attend college. 

The educational journey for each student is unique. For many students, there still may be significant gaps in understanding and navigating the college process even if a parent has some education after high school (certificate program, associates degree, etc.). Such gaps may lead to difficulties in the transition from high school to college, or exacerbate other unanticipated struggles along the way. While these students may not fit the formal definition of first-generation, they may often experience aspects that are quite similar in nature. 

As such, the First Forward Network looks to provide accessible academic resources and social connections in efforts to eliminate gaps or barriers, while providing an intentional boost for our Gustie students, whether they meet the formal definitition of first-generation, or recognize the need to fill some of the gaps.