Welcome to the CIE...
The Center for Inclusive Excellence
#Intersectionality - #Identity - #Social Justice - #Belonging - #Antiracism

The Center for Inclusive Excellence (aka: The Center/CIE) is a welcoming and supportive place that accepts and appreciates individuals from all walks of life. We invite you to support us in our efforts by...

  • joining a student organization whose mission is aligned with the principles of social justice,
  • attending campus events that promote diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice work, 
  • meeting with staff in The Center to develop an individual student success plan, and more importantly,
  • meet and become acquainted with someone who you believe is unlike yourself.

PROGRAMS & INITIATIVES Our goal is to connect you with educational programming, campus events/activities, and resources, that will help you dig deeper into the terms: culture, diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, identity, and intersectionality. (A few of our endeavors are listed below)

  • First Forward+ Network (for first generation Gusties)
  • GAIN Peer Mentors Program
    • College Jumpstart Institute
    •  First-Year Textbook & Supplies Grant (for GAIN participants)
  • Pop-up Movie Nights
  • ARTX Events
  • Cultural Cuisine Open Houses 
  • Fun Fridays
  • CIE Movie Nights
  • Diving Deeper Programs & Collaborations
    • Book & Authors Series
    • Representation in the Outdoors Adventure Series (On Hold)
    • Educational Lectures and Presentations
  • Inclusive Excellence Textbook & Supplies Award
  • Mobile Barber Shop
  • Critical Dialogue Exercises

CIE Student Staff Initiatives

THE PHYSICAL LOCATIONS: We invite you to visit the Center/CIE in the lower level of the Johnson Student Union (formerly just the DIVE), and the new acompanying outside patio "El Barrio" (Fall 2023)! Our goal is to create inclusive and welcoming spaces where your identities are essential to who you are... "You can be who you are, and where you are appreciated for who you are."

Our motto is: "ALL MEANS ALL".

SPACE RESERVATIONS: Please CLICK HERE to reserve one of the spaces in The Center (listed below).

  • The DLC Room
  • The Building Bridges Room
  • The Collaboration Room
  • The Four Winds Conference Room
  • The DIVE (Multipurpose Space)
  • The Center for Inclusive Excellence (The DIVE & Main CIE Lounge)

 [2023-2024 THEME] 

YOU belong here!