Welcome to the CIE...
The Center for Inclusive Excellence

#Intersectionality - #Identity - #Social Justice - #Belonging - #Antiracism

The Center for Inclusive Excellence (aka: The Center/CIE) is a welcoming and supportive place that accepts and appreciates individuals from all walks of life. We invite you to support us in our efforts by...

  • joining a student organization whose mission is aligned with the principles of social justice,
  • attending campus events that promote diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice work, 
  • meeting with staff in The Center to develop an individual student success plan, and more importantly,
  • meet and become acquainted with someone who you believe is unlike yourself.

PROGRAMS & INITIATIVES Our goal is to connect you with educational programming, campus events/activities, and resources, that will help you dig deeper into the terms: culture, diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, identity, and intersectionality. (A few of our endeavors are listed below)

  • First Forward Network (for first generation Gusties)
  • GAIN Peer Mentors Program
    • College Jumpstart Institute
    •  First-Year Textbook & Supplies Grant (for GAIN participants)
  • Women of Color Summit
  • Lyrical Cafe Events
  • Cultural Cuisine Open Houses 
  • Fun Fridays
  • CIE Movie Nights
  • Diving Deeper Programs
    • Book & Authors Series
    • Representation in the Outdoors Adventure Series (On Hold)
    • Educational Lectures and Presentations
  • Inclusive Excellence Textbook & Supplies Award
  • ClipDart (Mobile Barber/Mobile Stylist)
  • Critical Dialogue Exercises

CIE Student Staff Initiatives

  • Dancing Towards Diversity
  • Black Haircare Workshops
  • Elision 

THE PHYSICAL LOCATION: We invite you to visit the renovated Center/CIE in the lower level of the Johnson Student Union (formerly just the DIVE)! Our goal is to make this a space where "you can be who you are, and where you are appreciated for who you are."

Our motto is still the same: "ALL MEANS ALL".

SPACE RESERVATIONS: Please CLICK HERE to reserve one of the spaces in The Center (listed below).

  • The DLC Room
  • The Building Bridges Room
  • The Collaboration Room
  • The Four Winds Conference Room
  • The DIVE (Multipurpose Space)
  • The Center for Inclusive Excellence (The DIVE & Main CIE Space)

 2022-2023 THEME 


WITH EQUITY & resilience