Welcome to...
The Center for Inclusive Excellence!

at Gustavus Adolphus College

The Center is a welcoming and supportive place that accepts and appreciates people for who they are. We invite you to support us in our efforts by...

  • joining a student organization whose mission is aligned with the principles of social justice,
  • attending campus events that promote diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice work, 
  • meeting with staff in The Center to develop an individual student success plan, and more importantly,
  • meet and become acquainted with someone who you believe is unlike yourself.

You will likely be surprised at what you discover...about everything you are...and everything you're not.

We invite you to come to the Center and get to know everyone! We are sure you will feel it is a place where "you can be who you are, and where you are appreciated for who you are."

OUR THEME FOR 2019-2020...
Moving Beyond Acknowledgement
Cultivating Intentional Reconciliation