The Center/CIE NewsletterIncluding information on subscribing and submitting


The purpose of the Newsletter is to communicate general information to the Gustavus Community on issues related to diversity or benefit our underrepresented student. It augments, but does not replace, existing communication channels (like Inside GustavusCollege Calendar, or The Gustavian Weekly).

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Submitting Items/Deadline

To submit items for the newletter, simply visit the CIE Newsletter Submission form. Messages are normally posted bi-weekly. The deadline for submission is Wednesday for information to be included in the next newsletter.


The newsletter will accept new or reminder items about upcoming events that are of interest to the Gustavus Community AND are diversity focused. This includes talks, grants, scholarships, and events that are for diverse students and address issues of multiculturalism at Gustavus. The Center for Inclusive Excellence will not accept classified advertisements (including for sale items, thank you notices), personal notices (like kudos), political op-eds, or events not open to the broad public or do not promote multiculturalism or diversity. Please avoid saying "today" or "tomorrow"—instead list the day and date of event. Items should be 200 characters or less. If you need to send more information, please include a link to a web page.