MLK Day Critical Dialogue Opportunities...

Next Event: Monday and Tuesday, January 20 & 21, 2020 (Locations to be announced...)

Critical Dialogue is an opportunity that was created to initiate an honest and open dialogue among members of the extended Gustavus community. The goal of this event is to promote a better understanding the various social/societal issues at Gustavus, as well as the effect these issues have on the various identities connected to the College.

Topics may include, but are definitely not limited to: themes on diversity, equity, inclusion; identity, intersectionality, and religion. The hope is to provide a venue for our campus community to get to know each other, voices to be heard, and to reflect upon our personal roles and responsibilities in creating a more welcoming and inclusive community, while fostering positive social change. While these conversations may be happening regularly at a miriad of other locations, this event is specifically being created for the extended Gustavus community.

NOTE: We realize that these conversations can be difficult as there are many perspectives, personalities, and/or privileges we all possess. At the same time, it is imperative to have this type of dialogue (in as many places as possible) to either jumpstart, or continue, the transformational process of individual understanding, growth, and our ability to create change. We also acknowledge the complexities in succinctly addressing a multitude of diverse issues...and acknowledge that we do not have all the answers.

What is unique about this event?

  • The keynote speaker/s have strong connections to the campus because they are members of the Gustavus community. As such, the address is designed to challenge attendees perceptions, spark ideas, and open minds as the symposium attendees move towards developing intentional and equitable change . 
  • The facilitators understand our campus, because they are members of the Gustavus community. They will be assisting with the post keynote dialogues, as well as providing encouragement and/or guidance during the discussion and wrap-up.
  • The entire summit structure is based on the featured speaker(s) and participants sharing of themselves...their identities, personal stories, thoughts and ideas...not in a one-sided lecture, or through a reactionary event.
  • The breakout dialogue sessions will typcially include broad issues such as: the current political and societal climate, equity and inclusion, DACA/immigration, LGBTQ, the First Amendment, and accessibility, as well as other specific topics/issues that continue to affect the immediate, and extended, Gustavus community. The structure of the breakout discussions will allow for sharing in a safe, non-confrontational environment.




For a PDF recap of the inaugural Critical Dialogue Symposium event on January 27, 2018, click below!