Hurricane Katrina Teach-in

Hurricane Katrina Teach-in

The Hurricane Katrina Teach-in at Gustavus Adolphus College

The devastation of Hurricane Katrina prompted a teach-in at Gustavus Adolphus College on September 16, 2005 to discuss the some of the questions about the hurricane and its terrible, tragic after-effects. This event was organized by the Peg O'Connor (Women's Studies) and Barbara Fister (Library) as part of The September Project with the support of the Office of the President, the Office of the Chaplains, and the Center for Vocational Reflection.

Streaming audio

Audio recordings from the Hurricane Katrina teach-in are available to stream from the web in Windows Media Audio (wma) format. To listen to these streams, you will need to have a reliable connection to the Internet and Windows Media Player installed on your computer.

Teach-in playlist:

  1. Peg O'Connor (Women's Studies) — Introduction
  2. Karen Larson (Anthropology & Interdisciplinary Studies) — "Katrina Renders America Unto Itself"
  3. Mark Bjelland (Geography) — "Natural Hazards and the Big Easy"
  4. Kate Wittenstein (History) — "The Federal Government, Race, and Katrina"
  5. Russell Shapiro (Geology) — "Natural Hazard, not Disaster: The Meaning of Hurricanes"
  6. Bob Douglas (Geography) — "Geography of New Orleans: Why the French Got it Right"
  7. Chris Gilbert (Political Science) — "The Politics of FEMA"
  8. Casey Elledge (Religion) — "Natural Disasters and Apocalypticism"
  9. Andy Vaughn (Religion) — "The Role of the Church in Presenting Hope"
  10. Ruth Johnson — Extemporaneous
  11. Mary Gaebler (Religion) — "Compassion Alone is not Enough"
  12. Jill Locke (Political Science) — "Race, Poverty, and the Hurricane"
  13. John Lammert (Biology) — "Don't Drink the Water"
  14. Ben Laabs (Geology) — "What Happened to the Wetlands"
  15. Deborah Goodwin (Religion) — "Christianity and Faith-based Politics"
  16. Auzannette Harrell '08 — "Questions and Answers"
  17. Lisa Heldke (Philosophy) — "Food and Agriculture"
  18. Terry Morrow (Communication Studies) — "Federalism: What We Can Expect from the Federal Government"
  19. Alisa Rosenthal (Political Science) — "Left Behind: Evacuation, Poverty, and the Hurricane"

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