Scholarships for Certain Programs

Center for International and Cultural Education

Many program providers make thousands of dollars available to program participants based on either academic excellence or financial need. When students apply to their program, they should look for information about applying to be considered for provider scholarships. In some cases the scholarship deadline may be earlier than the general program application deadline. The general information below outlines financial aid available through providers of Gustavus Adolphus sponsored programs.


  • CIEE provides three types of scholarship categories to students: academic excellence, access grants for students who face "financial and social hurdles," and ambassador grants for students to share their study abroad experience.
    • More than $3 million in funding available.
    • Most awards range from $1,500 to $5,000, with some going as high as $10,000.
  • For spring semester 2020, CIEE has set aside Open Campus Grants for each semester specifically for Gusties:
    • Three awards for spring 2020
    • For students studying for all three "blocks" (18 weeks) at any one, two, or three of the twelve CIEE Open Campus program sites
    • Awards will be $3000
    • Awards may be combined with other CIEE grants and scholarships up to a maximum of $6500 in total aid
    • Students who would like to be nominated for one of these awards by the Gustavus CICE team should mention it in their Gustavus study away application essays and should complete the full Gustavus application by the published deadline
    • If you would like to study in two or three different program sites within the one semester, use the Gustavus application for the Global Scholars Program instead of the application for a specific program site.

College Year in Athens

  • CYA offers funding for academically qualified students "who would otherwise not be able to attend" the program.
  • Awards range from $500 to $7500. 


  • DIS students may apply for need-based scholarships worth up to $5,000 per semester.
  • Students with a record of campus leadership may apply for the Anders Uhrskov Leadership Scholarship, worth up to $10,000 for a semester or $5,000 for a summer program.
  • DIS is also offering a $3,000 Stockholm Pioneer Scholarship to students for one of their programs in Stockholm during Fall 2016 and/or Spring 2017 semesters. 

Higher Education Consortium for Urban AffairS (HECUA)

IES Abroad

  • IES awards need-based aid, diversity aid, and donor-funded aid for up to $10,000 for a semester program.
  • Aid for summer programs.
  • More than $2.5 million in funding available.


  • IFSA-Butler offers general scholarships in the amount of $500 for summer programs, $1,500 for semester programs and $2,500 for full year programs.
  • Country-specific awards are also available in some cases.
  • First-generation colleges students may apply for a $2,500 scholarship.
  • IFSA-Butler will match student savings toward a study abroad program up to $1,000.
  • Work-to-study grants of $250 to $1,000 available for students to work on projects for IFSA-Butler.

Kansai Gaidai University

  • Gustavus Adolphus students who participate in the exchange program with KGU may apply for a JASSO scholarship of 80,000 to 150,000 yen for an academic year. (Note: The JASSO is not available for the 2010-20 academic year.)


  • University College Dublin's Lochlann Quinn School of Business has two tuition scholarships of €1000 each to award to Business Study Abroad students each semester.
  • In addition, two €500 tuition scholarships are also available for the Summer Internship Program. 
  • All students who have been accepted for the Business Study Abroad program are eligible to apply.
  • Students will receive information on how to apply online once they have been offered and accepted their place on the Business Study Abroad programme. 
  • Students are encouraged to apply early for the Business Study Abroad program. For spring 2019, the deadline for scholarship applications will be October 6.

 University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center (LAC)

  • Non-University of Minnesota students participating in an LAC program may apply for funding.
  • Students submit an essay application, which will be reviewed by LAC.
  • Semester scholarships are worth $1,500 and summer scholarships are worth $1,000


  • SAI offers general semester scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 based on financial need and academic merit. 
  • Additional funding up to $5,500 is available for specific programs like John Cabot University (Rome) and Florence University of the Arts (Florence).
  • Some scholarships come with a blogging requirement.

School for International Training (SIT)

  • SIT only awards need based aid, and the awards range from $500 to $5,000 for semester programs and $500 to $3,000 for summer.
  • Pell Grant match: SIT matches all Federal Pell Grants for SIT semester students.
  • Nearly $1.3 million in funding awards per year.

In addition to the SIT awards described above, Gusties participating in SIT programs may apply for the SIT/Gustavus Research Scholarships, with awards ranging up to a maximum of $6000 for semester participants or $3000 for summer participants (in all combined SIT awards). SIT/Gustavus Research Scholars are expected to apply to present the findings from their SIT program research or internship at the Celebration of Creative Inquiry held each spring on the Gustavus campus, in order to showcase the kinds of work that this scholarship helps to fund. For this specific award, interested students will apply on the Gustavus study away scholarships application.


  • USAC offers multiple scholarships ranging from $750-$1,000 each.
  • Merit-based, need-based, first generation, military, region-based, and program-based awards are available.
  • Deadline for summer, fall, and year-long programs is March 15
  • Deadline for spring programs is November 1