Celebration of Creative Inquiry

May 3, 2019, 4:00-5:00pm, Jackson Campus Center

The Celebration of Creative Inquiry is a campus-wide event held during Honors Weekend, in which Gustavus students publicly share their research and creative work. “Creative inquiry” is an intentionally broad term that encompasses research and scholarship in all academic disciplines.
Abstracts for 2019 Celebration of Creative Inquiry
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Creative inquiry may emerge from...

  • a class assignment or project.
  • off-campus projects or internships.
  • student-faculty collaborative research or creative projects.
  • independent student research or creative projects.
  • the work of extra-curricular student organizations.

The definition of creative inquiry varies by discipline; it includes...

  • asking a question that has not been asked before.
  • attempting to fill a gap in knowledge, or to create new knowledge, information, art, or expression.
  • a process or product that requires the student to add ideas or imagination of their own.
  • a project that is shaped by choices the student made independently.
  • critical reflection.

Abstracts from Previous Years: