Meet the Study Away Interns!

Center for International and Cultural Education

Carrie Bather
Hiya Gusties! My name is Carrie Bather and I am a senior Communication Studies and Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies double major! I had the opportunity to study abroad at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) in Galway, Ireland last semester (Spring 2020). Before the pandemic hit, I spent my time in Galway learning about Irish culture and community. During my time at NUIG, I got to take a wide variety of classes ranging from Celtic Civilisation to Media and Culture. On the weekends, I went on adventures around Ireland and visited some other European countries. Though my time abroad got cut short due to the pandemic, it was still one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. I left Ireland with more confidence in myself and an undying love for traveling/experiencing different cultures.
Carrie Bather
Hannah Borgh
Hi! My name is Hannah Borgh, and I am a senior English and French double major from Bettendorf, Iowa. I studied abroad in Nantes, France during the Fall 2019 semester with IES Abroad. My program was an immersion experience, and I also stayed with a French family. I took a high school summer trip to France where we did a short homestay with a French family in Nantes, so being able to study and live there for a semester brought everything full circle for me. Not only did my French language and cultural awareness improve drastically, but I also matured a lot and learned a lot of new things about myself. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I will never have enough words to describe all of the great memories and lessons I learned there. I think studying abroad is one of the best parts of college, and it truly changes your life and perspective.
Kendall Harvey
Hi Gusties! My name is Kendall Harvey and I am a Psychology and Pre-Occupational Therapy major from Champlin, MN. I was able to study away in January of 2020 through Gustavus. I went on a faculty-led trip to Sint Maarten, Dutch West Indies with 20 other students and 2 faculty members, Deb Pitton and Lisa Dembouski. I was able to support learning in the primary schools on the island through helping in a classroom while living on the island. It was an incredible experience to be fully immersed in another culture and being able to learn about the education system of Sint Maarten. I am eager to help other students to find programs that will fulfill their desires to study abroad and learn more about other cultures. Studying away has provided me with the opportunity to grow personally, academically, and culturally. 
Kendall Harvey

Krista Monkelien
Hi Gusties! My name is Krista Monkelien and I am a senior Communication Studies major from Stetsonville WI. This past J-Term I travelled to Japan and Australia with the Olympic Quest program. I loved learning about the different cultures and traditions of both countries to gain a deeper understanding about the world. Studying abroad gave me a different perspective on the world around me while also making me want to learn more about other cultures. It was a lot of fun traveling around these two countries while making new friends and memories along the way! Studying abroad was such an amazing experience, and I’m excited to help my fellow Gusties find a program that will fit with their interests and passions.


Christopher Ortiz
Hello! My name Christopher Ortiz and I am a political science major from Los Angeles, California. I had the opportunity to study abroad in London, England this past spring semester 2020. I was originally supposed to study away in Seoul, South Korea but the pandemic caused a sudden change of plans. Though my study abroad experience was nothing like I would have ever imagined, I still had an amazing time, learned a lot about myself, and met great people. If my study abroad experience taught me anything, it is that life will always take unexpected turns, but that does not mean that you can not have a good time and learn at the same time. I made lifelong memories, amazing friends, and learned more about myself. Whether your experience is traditional or as unconventional as can be, golden opportunities can be found anywhere! I am looking forward to helping in any way I can!


Ja'de Lin Till
Hi there! My name is Ja’de Lin Till and I am a senior with a History major and minors in Geography and Statistics. I had the opportunity to spend last spring semester in Penang, Malaysia at Universiti Sains Malaysia. In Malaysia, I learned more about the multi-cultural experience and also as one of the only two Americans who were at USM at the time, I engaged with people from countries all over the world. As an exchange student with USM, I had an opportunity to take a multitude of classes over different disciplines, engaging in coursework ranging from societies of South East Asia to the issues of urbanisation in Malaysia. Throughout my time studying abroad I not only became more independent, but also came to understand more about myself and my identity as well as the intricacies of being in a multicultural country.