National Study Away Scholarships (General)

Center for International and Cultural Education

Boren Scholarship

  • Also called the National Security Education Program (NSEP). Focuses on geographical areas, languages, and fields of study deemed to be critical to U.S. national security and outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Applicants must be planning to study a foreign language while abroad.
  • Provides undergraduate study abroad scholarships that include a service requirement to work in the national security arena (broadly defined) for one year within three years upon return from the program (note: particularly great for students interested in public service).
  • Awards a maximum scholarship of $20,000 per academic year, or $10,000 per semester. Strong preference for academic-year study (90% of awards go to students in academic-year programs).
  • Also offers $8000 summer grants for students in STEM (science/math) majors; program must be at least 8 weeks.
  • The African Flagship Languages Initiative (AFLI) offers Boren Scholarship applicants the opportunity for intensive language study through domestic (summer) plus overseas (fall semester) language programs in Akan/Twi, French, Portuguese, Swahili, Wolof, or Zulu. Meets Gustavus language requirement.
  • The South Asian Flagship Languages Initiative (SAFLI) offers Boren Scholarship applicants the opportunity for intensive language study of Hindi or Urdu and cultural immersion through domestic (summer) plus overseas (fall semester) language programs. Meets Gustavus language requirement.
  • Application deadline is January 15 (includes a campus review before the national deadline).
  • For more information, please contact Bryan Messerly at the CICE.
  • Boren information and resources

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program

  • The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is a fully funded overseas language and cultural immersion program for American undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Recipients complete approximately one year of college-level language course work in an 8- to 10-week summer program. (Meets Gustavus language requirement.)
  • Includes languages designated as “critical languages” by the federal government. As of June 2017, the list includes:
    • No previous study required: Azerbaijani, Bangla, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Punjabi, Swahili, Turkish, Urdu
    • One year of prior study required: Arabic, Persian
    • Two years of prior study required: Chinese, Japanese, Russian
  • Funding includes: tuition for intensive, overseas language courses (20+ hours per week); room and board, usually with host families; cultural program; host community language partner program; U.S. academic credit; domestic and international airfare.

Diversity Abroad Overseas Ambassador Program

  • Offers a $500 stipend and Diversity Abroad Swag Bag for fall and spring semesters, with opportunities for the stipend to be matched by partners. Five stipends are awarded for each term.
  • Open to international students!
  • Eligibility requirements include: minimum cumulative 2.75 GPA at an accredited U.S. university or college
  • Recipients will be expected to document their experience with photos and videos to be published on; write at least one article every two weeks on a topic related to education abroad and their identity, location and career/field of study; and share tips and answer questions on the Diversity Abroad Forum.
  • Application deadlines:
    • November 1, 2019 for spring programs
    • May 31, 2019 for fall programs

Diversity Network Summer Scholarship

  • Gustavus Adolphus College belongs to the Diversity Abroad Network, so Gustavus students are eligible for the Diversity Network Summer Scholarship.
  • Scholarships of up to $1000 are offered for students who are in one or more of these groups: economically disadvantaged; African American/Black, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American/indigenous; and multiracial/multi-ethnic; students with disabilities; and first-generation college students in a family.
    Economically disadvantaged students, African-American/Black, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, multiracial/ethnic or Indigenous/Native-American, students with disabilities and first generation college undergraduate students - See more at:
  • Eligiblity requirements include: 2.75 GPA and a willingness to share about study abroad experiences through Diversity Abroad platforms.
  • Application deadline May 1.

Fund for Education Abroad (FEA)


  • Provides scholarships of up to $10,000 for students who are U.S. citizens and planning to study abroad (international location/s) on academically rigorous programs of at least four weeks.
  • Preference given to underrepresented students, students who will study the host country’s language(s), students planning to participate in programs with a sustainable service-learning or volunteering component, students choosing non-traditional destinations (i.e., not Western Europe, Canada, Australia or New Zealand), and students choosing a program known for its academic rigor and immersion elements.
  • In addition to the general FEA awards and several other targeted awards, there is also one Minnesota Scholarship, an award set aside for a student from a Minnesota college or university. Generally $3000 to $5000. A Gustavus student won this for 2017-18.
  • Application deadlines:
    • January 10, 2019 forsummer, fall, and academic-year programs
    • Mid September (exact date TBA) for spring programs

Gilman International Scholarship Program

 Gustavus Tip Sheet on the Gilman Scholarship

  • Provides scholarships for students who are U.S. citizens of limited financial means (must be Pell Grant-eligible) to pursue study abroad programs (international sites only).
  • Program must be include at least three weeks (21 days) in one single country.
  • Awards up to $5,000 for semester programs and up to $3000 for short-term programs. In addition, there are supplemental awards of up to $3000 for semester students who will study “critical need languages” in selected locations.
  • Odds are good: 30% of applicants receive awards.
  • Application deadlines:
    • Early March  for summer, fall, and academic-year programs
    • Late September or early October for J-Term and spring programs (and early-notification summer deadline).
  • Certifying Gustavus study abroad advisor is: Bryan Messerly


  • Provides scholarships for Golden Key members for academic excellence in many areas, including study abroad scholarships (7 study abroad awards per cycle).
  • Application deadline dates vary. Program details can be found online.
  • Study abroad scholarships are usually $5000.
  • Application deadline is June 17, 2019.

Go Overseas Scholarship

  • One $500 scholarship awarded to a student planning any study abroad or international internship experience.
  • Judged mainly on a photo-essay about motivations for pursuing the international experience (creative application).
  • Open to graduate, undergraduate, U.S. and international students enrolled in U.S. universities full-time while pursuing their study abroad or international internship experience.
  • Deadline was in early August in 2018.

Rainbow Scholarships (LGBTQ)

  • Scholarships of up to $10,000 for LGBTQ students planning to study abroad in international sites. (Awards up to $10,000 for year-long study; $5000 for semester study; and smaller amounts for short-term programs like J-Term)
  • Note to students who are not publicly “out” as LGBTQ: you may still apply and can be awarded under a more general category, if selected.
  • These scholarships are administered by the Fund for Education Abroad and handled through the same application process.
  • The same general preferences also apply; see the “Fund for Education Abroad” section above.