How Financial Aid Applies

Center for International and Cultural Education

Financial aid written on road sign

With a few exceptions, Gustavus Adolphus students who study away on a Gustavus-approved semester or year-long study away program may continue to use their financial aid award during their study away experience. If a student receives a Gustavus scholarship or state or federal aid, including loans, for example, that aid will still be applied to the student bill for the semester of study away. Students may not earn work study money during their study away term, and any scholarships dedicated to paying for on-campus music lessons will not apply (though those lessons generally are not paid for while away anyway).

There is no January Interim financial aid term at Gustavus Adolphus College, so students cannot receive financial aid directly for J-Term study away programs. And for Summer term, students usually are not registered at Gustavus, which means no financial aid term exists then, either. (Exception: When Gustavus offers a faculty-led summer program, students who are eligible for the Pell Grant may receive a Pell award prorated to the level of enrollment – e.g., 25% course load, half-time, etc.) However, in some cases students may use aid that is disbursed during Fall or Spring terms to help pay for J-Term or Summer programs. 

Students with questions about their financial aid should contact the Gustavus Financial Aid Office for more information. The Financial Aid Office can also advise students about additional loans that might be available to them.