Pre-Health January Interim Career Exploration

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Pre-Health January Interim Career Exploration Opportunity

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January Interim

This learning opportunity is designed specifically for Gustavus students to follow and observe the patient/provider relationship and subsequent interactions, diagnostics and treatment.  During an observation experience, the student will not touch, diagnose, treat, or otherwise participate in patient care.  The experience is observation only. 

If you are interested in the health field, this Pre-Health Career Exploration is a unique opportunity to spend 30+ hours per week in a health care setting for the January Interim Term.  Gustavus has partnered with the Mankato Clinic and Specialty Clinics, River’s Edge Hospital and Clinic, and HealthPartners to offer this exclusive opportunity for twelve selected Gustavus students.

This learning opportunity is designed specifically for Gustavus students to observe a variety of medical professionals.  Below offers a brief listing of the rotation areas available at the different sites.  Exact rotation areas still being finalized at the sites.

HealthPartners Areas (4 students):  Primary Care/Family Practice; Emergency Medicine (Regions Hospital ED); Cardiology (Regions Heart Center); Oncology (Regions Cancer Care Center); Orthopedics (Regions and HealthPartners Specialty Center Ortho Clinic); Hospice and Palliative Care

Mankato Clinic and Specialty Clinics Rotation Areas (4 students):  Cardiology, Dermatology, OB-Nurse, Nursing Home, Neurology/Sleep Center, Oncology, Now Care-Occupational Medicine, ENT/Foot & Ankle/Allergy/Ophthalmology, Surgery Center

River’s Edge Hospital and Clinic Rotation Areas (4 students):  Med Surg., OR, ER, Cardiac Rehab, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Clinic: Allergy & Family Practice Clinic, Radiology (1 day shift), Lab (1 day shift), and *Infusion Therapy (possible extra department)

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