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Working with children and adults, education careers incorporate the sharing of knowledge and information to impact learning.

Opportunities in education can be found in:

  • K-12 (public, private and charter schools)
  • Higher Education
  • Teaching Abroad

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Explore the Education Career Interest Cluster

There are many websites where you can explore careers. Links to start with are listed below. These resources allow you to learn information about careers such as the nature of the work, education required, pay, job outlook, work environment and related occupations. You can also follow companies and organizations related to your career on social media. LinkedIn, facebook, and twitter are good resources for you to learn about companies and keep up on current trends in the career fields you are exploring.

Other Ways to Explore:

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Graduate programs for the Education Career Interest Cluster vary depending on the specific industry. Utilize the following resources to learn more about graduate school options:


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LinkedIn is an important aspect of your job search. Keep it current as you edit your resume. For more information on LinkedIn and its importance, visit:


Internships and Job Search

EDU 268: Career Orientation to Teaching

Search for Internship and Job Opportunities by cluster area

Gustavus semester Academic Internship information and January Career Exploration information

Other resources:

Year of Service Programs



Minneapolis Idealist Grad Fair - Wednesday, October 4, 2017 from 5-8pm. FREE EVENT! 

Careers Possible - Usually held the last week of September. 

Government and Nonprofit Fair *Gustavus students register through Handshake

Minnesota Education Job Fair *Gustavus students register through Handshake


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Student Organizations

For a complete list of Gustavus Student Organizations, go to:


Professional Organizations

Professional organizations are a great way to begin networking and explore your career field. Professional organizations often have discounted membership rates for students. These organizations, specific to industry, offer events, job fairs and listservs that can provide information and networking opportunities.

You can also join similar groups on LinkedIn or follow professional organizations on Twitter or Facebook. Professional organizations on social media offer articles, current industry information, discussions and networking opportunities.



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