Elementary and Secondary Programs

Teaching2The Department of Education offers an Elementary Education Major, with Kindergarten through Grade 6 licensure. A Middle Level Endorsement is also available for teaching Grades 5-8 in the areas of science, communication arts/literacy, mathematics and social studies. The Secondary Licensure in Grades 5 through 12 is a teaching major in a specific content area. Licensure for grades Kindergarten through 12 is also offered for selected majors.

The Minnesota Board of Teaching approves all of the Teacher Education Programs at Gustavus Adolphus College for the preparation of licensed teachers. Students who complete the selected teacher education program receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree and are licensed to teach in all Minnesota schools and can apply for licenses in other states.

Teacher education students may also qualify for a coaching minor by completing the course requirements as outlined by the Department of Health and Exercise Science.

Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework

The conceptual framework undergirds the Gustavus Teacher Education Program. Initial structuring of the framework was based on the five attributes of a teacher education program knowledge base presented by Galluzzo and Pankratz (1991). Our conceptual framework is not static but in fact represents the dynamics of an ever-changing professional landscape. The current 2011 redesign continues to be framed by our core philosophical tenets, the research literature, program outcomes, and complete evaluation procedures and processes which guide feedback to the candidate and the program.

Educators for Minnesota Schools

At Gustavus Adolphus College, we hold high standards for our teacher education program. In order to assess how we are meeting these standards and preparing our candidates, we engage in regular collection and analysis of performance-based data. Among other indicators, these data indicate that our candidates are well prepared and in high demand.

Our candidates are in high demand

  • In 2014, ninety-four percent (94%) of our graduates were hired for teaching positions following graduation.
  • These positions included districts and schools around Minnesota as well as teaching positions in other states.

Our candidates are well prepared

  • Our candidates perform well on the edTPA, an assessment process that requires teacher candidates to demonstrate skills and knowledge developed in teacher education programs. Though the edTPA is a relatively new assessment and thus we have a limited sample of candidates, the aggregate data from 2014 indicate that our candidates are achieving high levels on the edTPA.
  Number of Candidates Planning Instruction Assessment

Elementary Literacy


Elementary Math

Performing Arts 8 16.70 14.90 14.20
Secondary Language Arts 5 15.90 13.60 12.50
Secondary History/Social Studies 11 15.70 14.10 15.40

Last updated April 2016
Programs with fewer than 5 graduates not included
Passing scores: Planning (13), Instruction (13), Assessment (12)