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Student-teaching is usually done your last semester at Gustavus, but it will not be your first time in a K-12 classroom. Your exposure to students and teaching will start before you are even admitted to the program and continue until you receive your student-teaching semester.

A typical student-teaching experience will consist of two 7-week sessions in different classrooms to give you a broader base to build upon. Those with K-12 majors will teach in all three age levels: elementary, middle school, and secondary. You will meet with your teacher-candidate cohort six days throughout the semester via EDU 399 and the Student-Teaching Seminar. You will also have a college supervisor who will be in weekly contact with you to offer support, share teaching ideas and suggestions, and enhance your overall development as an educator. A hallmark of the Gustavus Education experience is how much support and time they get from their EDU “team,” and weekly supervisor meetings is one example of that.

If you are receiving a middle-level endorsement or doing a PE/Health major, you'll also be student-teaching over your last January Term. Set up a time with the Admissions and Placement Coordinator in the Education Department to talk about that four-year plan if you haven't already. Along with admissions and advising, this person also manages student-teaching placements.

Cooperating Teacher and Supervisors

Cooperating teachers and supervisors are an incredible team of professionals helping prepare the next generation of teachers.
The required documents for these support people are here.

Student-Teacher Forms

Students also have several forms needed as part of the student teaching experience.
Find all the forms needed here.

Global Educators

One unique and valuable characteristic at Gustavus is our Global Educators Program, which enables you to student-teach away from Minnesota. We have sites in Spain, Sint Maarten, Alaska, Arizona, and Hawaii. Check out the Global Educators page for more information about these trips. Be sure to mention your possible interest in Global Educators to the Admissions Coordinator or your advisor, as it might impact your four-year plan.

Education Teacher Performance Assessment

The Education Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) is a portfolio of reflections about a sequence of lessons during your Student-Teaching Semester. It must be completed and passed for you to be accepted for graduation and licensure. Learn more about the MTLE and EdTPA.