Getting Started in the Education MajorDepartment of Education

Are you considering majoring in education? The Education Department at Gustavus offers a wide range of teaching degrees. Follow the steps below to join the amazing community of Gustie teachers.

Prospective Students

Prospective Gustavus students considering majoring in Education should meet with the Education Department’s Admission and Placement Coordinator. If you are coming to tour the campus, make sure to ask the Admission Office to set up a meeting with the Education Department while you are on campus.

Current Students Considering an Education Major

If you are already a Gustie and are considering an Education major, meet with the Education Department’s Admission and Field Placement Coordinator during your first semester at Gustavus, or as soon as you start thinking about majoring in Education. The Department's Admission Coordinator will help you build an individualized four-year plan to work through your required courses, discuss teaching options, and learn more about your interests.

Get to know the Admission and Placement Coordinator

Julie Gronewold is the Education Department Admissions and Field Placement Coordinator. She is your first stop if you are a prospective student considering Gustavus as your college home, and she does advising and four-year planning with all students interested in an Education major until they are admitted to the Department. Julie oversees the Admission to the Education Department process each semester. She also makes all of the school placements for the practicum experiences you will get during your Methods block, as well as all student-teaching placements. She was an elementary school teacher for 17 years, so she knows the challenges and celebrations that come with being a classroom teacher. Julie is passionate about helping current Gustie teachers and would love to chat with you about your questions, concerns, and excitement about becoming an educator.


Email the Education Department Admission and Field Placement Coordinator to set up a meeting to build your four-year plan and learn more about your major.


Fill out the Enrollment Form

Express your intention to become an Education major by completing this Enrollment Form. This allows the Education Department to start tracking your teaching data and ensures you receive notifications of Department information and deadlines. You will receive a link to the form after you meet with the Education Department Admission and Field Placement Coordinator.


Complete Required Prerequisite Classes

Complete PSY-100, EDU-268, and EDU-230.


Checklist of Education Department Admission Requirements

Admission selections are done once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester.

To be considered for admission, YOU MUST HAVE:

  • Met with Education Department Admission and Field Placement Coordinator to create a four-year plan (Step #1)
  • Filled out the Enrollment Form (Step #2)
  • Complete and pass eight courses, including PSY-100, EDU-268 and EDU-230 (Step #3)
  • Complete at a First-Term Seminar course with a grade of C or better
  • All courses required for the major complete (no incompletes on record for coursework)
  • Any individual learning plans are resolved
  • No grades lower than a C- in your major coursework, in any Education course, or in any course that fulfills the requirements of the elementary education endorsement
  • Approval by the Department Chairperson of the student's major
  • Two recommendations by professors outside the Department of Education
  • An overall minimum GPA of 2.75
  • A writing sample completed in sessions held during the admission cycle; you will be notified about them via email
  • Personal interview with the Department of Education Admissions Committee


Apply for Admission to the Education Department

On the first day of each semester, communication will be sent to you from the Admissions Coordinator with details and materials for how to apply to the Department. The application process involves completing an application, getting two faculty recommendations, completing a writing sample, and attending a short interview. This process usually takes the first five weeks of the semester. Because of the individualized attention we give to students, we admit no more than 17 elementary and 17 secondary students per semester.

Applicants will receive written notice of the formal action taken by the admissions committee and Education Department in the semester in which they apply and prior to registration for the next term. Admission to the program is required for enrollment in advanced-level courses in the Department. In the event that a student is denied admission to the program by the Gustavus Education Department and is subsequently unsuccessful in appealing the decision within the Department, the student may appeal to the Academic Dean, who will ask for a written statement from the student and the Department prior to rendering a decision. The Dean’s decision will be final. Once admitted to the Education Department, your major will be formally declared with the Registrar’s Office and you will be assigned an Advisor in the Department.