EDU 268: Career Orientation to Teaching

J-Term Course

This course provides an opportunity to assess interest in a teaching career by answering three questions: What is teaching? Who will I be teaching? How shall I prepare to teach? Students will examine personal cultural competence, analyze regional and national demographics, discuss current K-12 programming and trends, and assist/shadow a current classroom teacher. During the January 2021 session, students will participate in weekly, online class sessions, and shadow a classroom teacher in either an in-person or online learning setting. This course counts as one of a maximum of four internship credits allowed in the degree program. Interim Experience and is a required prerequisite to admissions to the Education major.

Thinking about being a teacher?

Check out EDU268 - The Education J-Term Course!

 -Explore what teaching is all about
 -Shadow a teacher of your choice
 -Learn about different types of schools

You don't have to be an education major to take the course! However, the course IS REQUIRED for education majors before you can apply to the program.

Interested? Here's what you need to do:

1. Watch the video below, which will provide information about the course and how to pre-register for the course.

2. Pre-register for the course by October 30, 2020 by completing one of the following forms, based on where you will be living during J-term. (This information is necessary to organize placements):
  •  If you have an activity that requires you to be on campus for J-term, complete the form titled STAYING ON CAMPUS at the link below. WE WILL FIND YOUR TEACHER. Please do not contact a teacher on your own.
  • If you are living in St. Peter or Mankato, complete the form titled LIVING IN St. Peter or Mankato at the link below. WE WILL FIND YOUR TEACHER. Please do not contact a teacher in our immediate area on your own.
  • If you will be living outside the area (i.e. at home), complete the form titled LIVING AWAY. For this group, we will provide guidance in November on how YOU WILL FIND YOUR TEACHER

3. Once you have completed one of the three registration forms, please watch your email for information from Valerie Walker and/or Julie Gronewold. 

Note: Filling out one of the Pre-registration forms means that you do not need to register for EDU 268 when the J-term Registration window opens!

Questions? Email Valerie Walker

Video: Is EDU 268 for You

More Information and Forms

Additional information for those “Living Away”:

If you are a “Living Away” student, please read this additional information so that you can find a teacher to host you in your classroom during January. If you feel ready to contact a teacher, go ahead and make contact! If you want additional support, Valerie will send out an invitation to virtual Q&A meetings in November: 

Do you still have questions after watching the video?