Resources for Students with Disabilities

Career Development recognizes that students with disabilities often have unique situations and specific questions relating to navigating their career exploration and planning, or internship and job searches. Deciding when, how, and if to disclose a disability varies to each individual. Career Development is here to help! Call (507-933-7575) or stop in to schedule an appointment with a Career Development Specialist.

Quick Tip:

  • Call a company's Human Resources office from an anonymous number to discuss hypotheticals that may apply to you to get a sense where the company stands. It won't be connected to your application and you'll be able to decide if it is somewhere you want to apply to, interview at, or work for.

 Gustavus Resources

Deciding to Disclose a Disability Booklet

General Resources

AAPD Summer Internship Program

American Foundation for the Blind - CareerConnect

Big Interview Neurodiversity Playbook (From the Learn Page, go to Interview Playbooks)

Candid Career Videos

Career OneStop Resources

Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Careers and the disABLED (digital magazine) Guide to Employment

Disclosure Decisions

Diversity Minnesota

Facts about the Americans with Disabilities Act for Job Seekers

Getting Hired

Job Accomodation Network (AskJAN)

National Center for College Students with Disabilities

Workforce Recruitment Program

Your rights per the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

by Career Industry Areas

Arts and Communication



Government and Social Services

Health Professions

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

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