January Interim Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Career Explorations are full-time opportunities to job shadow or intern that take place over the four weeks of January.
  • Sophomore Status: Interim Career Explorations require at least sophomore status to receive credit
  • 2022-2023 J-Term: J-term experiences must be 30+ hours per week for the entire J-Term. Timelines and perimeters must be approved by the Career Office and Faculty Sponsor prior to start of experience. 
  • Credit and Course Level: Students will receive one (1) Interim academic credit for the experience at the 200 course level. 
  • Multiple Sites: It is possible to participate in a Career Exploration at more than one site as long as the time requirement will be met between locations and it is approved by Career Development.
  • International Career Explorations: International Career Explorations are not eligible for academic credit unless the country you are doing the Career Exploration in is your home country. If you are planning on doing a Career Exploration internationally you can still do it on your own for non-credit if it's not your home country. **See below for additional information if you are an international student wanting to do an internship for academic credit in your home country.

*If you are you an international student looking to complete a Career Exploration in your home country of record, follow the domestic procedures and deadlines.*

Interim Career Exploration - 4 weeks
 1 credit = 30+ hours per week


Career Exploration Application Deadlines

  Domestic Career Exploration
Interim 2023 December 14th, 2022


Application & Registration: A two-step process

Step 1. Pre-Registration:

Registering for a Career Exploration requires pre-registration. When online registration for Interim classes opens up (late October or early November) register for NDL-068 in order to reserve your place. Do this instead of signing up for a class, even if you don't have the Career Exploration details ironed out - we can assist you with that. Use these resources to help get you started:

Step 2. Registration:

  • Confirm Career Exploration Site to complete 2021-2022 J-Term: Internships or Shadowing Experiences. Internships and Shadowing Experiences must total TDB hours. Timelines and perimeters completing these hours must be approved by the Career Office and Faculty Sponsor prior to the start of internship or shadowing experience. 
  • Application and Learning Objectives: Once you have a commitment from a site for your Career Exploration, schedule a meeting with your designated Faculty Sponsor to determine Learning Objectives. 

Determine Learning Objectives with Faculty Sponsor (designated faculty are listed below)

Utilize this template to assist with completing your application.

Start completing the online Career Exploration Application form through Handshake AND the Internship Agreement and Release


Designated Faculty Sponsor for Career Exploration January 2023:

Business: Cathy Harms, Economics and Management, charms@gustavus.edu
Health Professions: Heather Banks, Senior Health Professions Specialist, hbanks@gustavus.edu and Heidi Selzler-Bahr, Health Professions Specialist, hselzlerbahr@gustavus.edu
Mayo Innovation Scholars Program: Dwight Stoll, Chemistry, dstoll@gustavus.edu 
Research: Eric Elias, biology, eelias@gustavus.edu
Social Sciences, Fine Arts, and Humanities: Sarah Wolter, Communication Studies, swolter2@gustavus.edu
  • Submit Online Career Exploration Experience Application Form via Handshake: The completed Career Exploration Experience form must be submitted via Handshake for approval by the registration deadline.
    1. Utilize this template to assist with completing your application.
  • Career Exploration Approval: Career Development will review online application and submit the form to the designated Site Supervisor and Faculty Sponsor for approval. Once approved, the Registrar's Office will complete your Career Exploration Registration.
    • It is the student's responsibility to ensure Faculty Sponsor and Site Supervisor complete the approval process


Career Development CANNOT REQUIRE that you complete assignments throughout your Internship or Career Exploration. ASSIGNMENTS AND LEARNING OBJECTIVES ARE DETERMINED BY FACULTY SPONSORS. 

Career Development suggests that students complete the assignments below to facilitate reflection on your experience:

  • Reflections Reflection assignments are designed to help you reflect on your internship and learn to articulate what you have learned and gained from your experience. These skills will be crucial when interviewing for your next internship or a job after graduation. Students are requested to complete two reflections throughout their experience.
    • Faculty sponsors may require specific reflections, journaling and writing prompts. 
  • Evaluations 
    • It is beneficial and strongly recommended for you and your Site Supervisor to review the evaluation and discuss the experience. 
    • Students should complete the Mid-term and Final STUDENT self evaluation.

International Career Explorations 

*If you are an international student looking to complete a Career Exploration in your home country of record, follow the domestic procedures and deadlines.*


Contact Career Development, career@gustavus.edu, 507-933-7575

7/26/23 JV