January Interim Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Career Explorations are full-time opportunities to job shadow or intern that take place over the four weeks of January.
  • Sophomore Status: Interim Career Explorations require at least sophomore status to receive credit
  • 30 Hours per Week for Four Weeks: Internships or shadowing experiences must be a minimum 30 hours per week for the four weeks of Interim
  • Credit and Course Level: Students will receive receive one (1) Interim academic credit for the experience at the 200 course level. 
  • Multiple Sites: It is possible to participate in a Career Exploration at more than one site as long as the time requirement will be met between locations and it is approved by Career Development.
  • International Career Explorations: Career Explorations located at any site outside of the United States have an earlier registration deadline and students must complete both the standard registration process below and register with the Center for International and Cultural Education. 

*If you are you an international student looking to complete a Career Exploration in your home country of record, follow the domestic procedures and deadlines.*

Career Exploration Registration Deadlines

  Domestic Career Exploration International Career Exploration
Interim 2017 December 13, 2017 October 13, 2017


Registration: A two-step process

Step 1. Pre-Registration:

Registering for a Career Exploration requires pre-registration. When online registration for Interim classes opens up (late October or early November) register for NDL-068 in order to reserve your place. Do this instead of signing up for a class, even if you don't have the Career Exploration details ironed out - we can assist you with that. Use these resources to help get you started:

Step 2. Registration:

  1. Confirm Career Exploration Site: If you don't have a site set, visit Career Development for help!
  2. Registration: Once you have a commitment from a site for your Career Exploration, start completing the online Career Exploration Registration form through Handshake AND the Internship Agreement and Release
  3. Find Faculty Sponsor: Connect with the Faculty Sponsor who has been assigned to serve students in your major.
  • Sciences: Ngawang Gonsar
  • Mayo Innovation Scholars: Sanjive Qazi – Research Professor in Biology
  • Social Sciences: Paul Estenson
  • Humanities and Fine Arts: Sarah Wolter – Professor and Chair in Communication Studies
  • Local (St. Peter/Mankato) Interim Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Programs: Heather Banks – Career Development Specialist

  1. Submit Online Career Exploration Experience Registration Form via Handshake: The completed Career Exploration Experience form must be submitted via Handshake for approval by the registration deadline.
  2. Career Exploration Approval: Career Development will review online registration and submit the form to the designated Site Supervisor and Faculty Sponsor for approval. Once approved, the Registrar's Office will complete your Career Exploration Registration.
    • It is the student's responsibility to ensure Faculty Sponsor and Site Supervisor complete the approval process



Once your registration is turned in and before you begin your Career Exploration, you will be required to complete an orientation. The orientation will describe your assignments, go over what to expect and help you feel at ease going into the experience Once your registration information is received, you will be notified of the steps to complete orientation. 


As a course, the Career Exploration Program requires assignments throughout your Career Exploration to facilitate reflection on your experience. Your Faculty Sponsor may assign additional academic work.

  • Reflection Reflection assignments are designed to help you reflect on your internship and learn to articulate what you have learned and gained from your experience. These skills will be crucial when interviewing for your next internship or a job after graduation. 
  • Informational Interivews Informational Interviewing is an excellent way to refine your career goals by getting information about a specific field or position, about a particular organization, or about the job market in a specific industry or geographic location.Two Informational Interviews and summary assignments will be completed through this program. 
  • Evaluations At the end of the internship your Site Supervisor will complete an evaluation of your work. It is beneficial and strongly recommended for you and your Site Supervisor to review the evaluation and discuss the experience. A copy of the evaluation will be shared with your Faculty Supervisor prior to grading. Additional evaluation completed by you the intern regarding your internship experience may also be requested. 

International Career Explorations 

*If you are you an international student looking to complete a Career Exploration in your home country of record, follow the domestic procedures and deadlines.*

Students who register to earn credit for a Career Exploration at any site located outside of the United States must complete the applicable Registration Forms and also complete registration through the off-campus study online application system through the Center for International and Cultural Education (http://gustavus.studioabroad.com/). Additional fees will apply. 
The registration deadlines for international Career Explorations are earlier than those for domestic Career Explorations. See the Registration Deadlines section above for specific deadlines.
International Travel Documents and Travel Warnings:

Passports can take up to 14 weeks for processing. Visa can take even longer and may require in-person arrangements at the appropriate embassy (typically in Chicago or Washington D.C.). View a list of embassies

Gustavus will NOT sponsor or approve registration for academic credit for an internship in a country with a current travel warning. The U.S. Department of State provides an updated list of countries with alerts and warnings. 


Contact Jess Franta jfranta@gustavus.edu 507-933-7509

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