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STEMScience, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers are connected to solving abstract problems, analyzing ideas, conducting research, and utilizing technology. Opportunities in STEM can be found in all sectors including corporate/for-profit, nonprofit, and not-for-profit/government. Industries include:

  • Science (Agriculture, Animal, Biology, Chemical, Environmental, GIS, Research/Laboratory)
  • Technology (Computer Science, IT, Software)
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics (Data Analysis, Statistics, Actuary)

Explore the STEM Career Interest Cluster

There are many great websites where you can start exploring careers. Links to start with are listed below. These resources allow you to learn information about careers such as the nature of the work, education required, pay, job outlook, work environment and related occupations. You can also follow companies and organizations related to your career on social media. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and pinterest are good resources for you to learn about companies and keep up on current trends in the career fields you are exploring.

Other ways to explore include taking an assessment, informational interviews, job shadowing, involvement in student organizations, and volunteering

Résumé Examples

Internship and Job Search

Environment and Sustainability

Science and Engineering



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Specialized Program Faculty Advisors

Actuarial Science — Laura Hildreth (Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics); 

Architecture — Betsy Byers (Art & Art History);

Chemical Engineering — Amanda Nienow (Chemistry);

Engineering — Paul Saulnier (Physics);

Materials Science — Chuck Niederriter (Physics);

Updated 4/18/2023 JV