Gusties Attending Physician Assistant School

Fall 2016, Physician Assistant School

Full report Spring 2017, as of 8/24/2016, 4 admits (1 Class of 2016, 3 Alumni), 3 enrolled

St. Catherine University

University of Dubuque

Red Rocks Community College


Fall 2015, Physician Assistant School

8 admits (2 Class of 2015, 6 Alumni)

University of Wisconsin, Madison  

University of Wisconsin, La Crosse

Carroll University

Midwestern University, Downers Grove (2 students)

Des Moines University

Wake Forest

Union College


Fall 2014, Physician Assistant School

9 admits (1 Class of 2014 and 8 Alumni) 

Quinnipiac University

Rocky Mountain College

St. Catherine University

Bethel University

Yale University School of Medicine

Pacific University

Des Moines University

Midwestern University, Downers Grove

University of Colorado



Fall 2013, Physician Assistant School

7 admits (2 Class of 2013 and 5 Alumni) 

Augsburg   (5 students)

Carroll University

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences-Boston



Fall 2012, Physician Assistant School

6 admits (6 Alumni)

Butler University (2 students)

Des Moines University

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

University of Wisconsin, La Crosse

Touro University-CA


Fall 2011, Physician Assistant School

4 students (1 Class of 2011 and 3 Alumni)

Barry University- Miami Shores Campus, Miami, FL (2 students)

Midwestern University- Downers Grove, IL

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science, Worcester, MA (Jan. start)


6/24/2015 HB