Michael Klajda '13

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Name: Michael Klajda

Graduating Class: 2013

Major: Biology


Your Story:

My name is Michael Klajda and I am a senior at Gustavus Adolphus College. Before coming to Gustavus I spent my childhood growing up in Bemidji, Minnesota, a small town that is five hours north of Gustavus. My decision to come to Gustavus was based on the strong science program offered at the school, excellent professors and strong sense of community at both the college and the town of St. Peter.

I first became interested in medicine during my junior year of high school. Medicines focus on improving the human condition and educating patients about the science of health was my initial draw. Since my junior year of high school I have immersed myself in the study of medicine by majoring in biology, volunteer at hospital and clinics, shadowing a variety of physicians, becoming an ER scribe and taking a very insightful medical ethics course. While all of my experiences have been influential in helping me decide on medicine my most influential experience came during the January Interim my sophomore year while interning at Rivers edge clinic. During my time a Rivers Edge I had the pleasure to become acquaintances with a middle age man with leukemia. His optimism and positive attitude was truly touching and his story really helped me cement my desire to become a compassionate and caring physician.


My Class Schedule (click to view PDF)


Top Five Activities/Experiences:

  • Shadowing at River’s Edge Hospital and Clinic
  • ER Scribe
  • Mayo Emergency Department Volunteer
  • River’s Edge Intern
  • Habitat for Humanity trip to Biloxi, MS



1) Don’t let your main reason for researching, working or interning be “because it will look good on your med school application”.

2) Find one or two activities on campus that you are very dedicated to and stick with them.

3) Keep an open mind about the medical field.


Future Plans:

This summer I will be working at Cass Lake Hospital through Indian Health Services with a physician as a scribe/student.

Attending University of Minnesota Duluth Medical School, starting Fall 2013.



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