Joe Renier '14


Photo of Joe Renier

Name: Joe Renier

Graduating Class: 2014

Major: Biology

Minor : History

Your Story:

My name is Joe Renier and I am a senior at Gustavus Adolphus College. I grew up in Cambridge, Minnesota.

I had visited Gustavus but I didn’t fully get a feel for it until I did an overnight visit. When I did, I experienced a place in which I knew I wanted to spend my next four years. The community of this school is tight-knit and always willing to help. The people are friendly and the staff truly cares about its students. I will never forget sitting in on a class with Richard Leitch. His class inspired me, as I, a prospective student, was involved in the day’s lecture. I also chose Gustavus because I have been able to continue running cross-country and track. These are two sports that I value.

My interest in medicine started when I was young. My Dad has been a doctor my whole life. It wasn’t until I did my January interim shadowing experience here at Gustavus though that I realized medicine was truly the path I wanted to take. Subsequently, I did an internship over that following summer that solidified my decision.

My most influential experience at Gustavus confirming my pre-medicine path was my January interim shadowing experience. It provided me to see the tools necessary to work in a hospital. My shadowing experience didn’t solely focus on the physician’s perspective in the hospital. It reached out to other professions, and gave me the opportunity to view a hospital or a clinic as a working machine. Every profession is required for medicine to run smoothly.

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Top Five Activities/Experiences:

  • J-term shadowing experience
  • Cross-country
  • Gustie Buddies
  • Elders
  • Habitat for Humanity


  • Don’t get overly involved. It is better to be really involved in one or two groups than it is to be loosely involved in a ton of groups.
  • Don’t be afraid to join a group on campus. Everyone is very inviting and you will meet lifelong friends from these experiences.
  • Have fun. College isn’t always about the worries of school. It’s about getting involved, meeting lifelong friends, and growing as a person. Staying on top of studying is not that difficult when you surround yourself with the right people.

Future Plans:

Attending University of Minnesota, starting Fall 2014!



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