Gustie Alum January Career Exploration

Where Are They Now?


Torben Urdahl, 2021 University of MN Twin Cities Medical School





Aly Freeman '20

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Major: Biology

Career Exploration Site: Mankato Clinic

Favorite memory of Career Exploration: Honestly, I enjoyed my entire Mankato Clinic shadowing experience, and I loved the chance to shadow so many inspiring physicians from a variety of medical specialties. If I had to pick a favorite memory, I thought my time in Dermatology was really cool, as I got to observe both clinical appointments for pediatric and adult populations and even watch a cool Mohs procedure on a cancerous piece of tissue. Plus, I was observing two fellow Gusties!








Jack Healy '15

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Major: Biology and Sociology and Anthropology

Where are they now: Senior Analyst for DaVita Integrated Kidney Care. I manage projects and analyze data around common comorbidities in this patient population (diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, myocardial infarction, asthma, and COPD) as well as mental and behavioral health support. Starting medical school in the fall of 2020 at Texas Christian University and the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

Career Exploration Site: Rivers Edge

Favorite memory of Career Exploration: My favorite part of my career exploration at River's Edge was seeing how a variety of healthcare professionals work together. I was able to shadow doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, lab professionals, physical, occupational, and cardiac therapists, and more. It was interesting seeing the same patients receiving care from multiple services because I was able to see how those providers collaborate, how their responsibilities are similar, and where they were different. Furthermore, it gave me a very holistic picture of the patient experience. For example, I saw one patient meet with her doctor before knee surgery. Then I shadowed the surgeon during the actual surgery. After that, I observed this patient interact with a different doctor, as well as a physical therapist and the lab staff while she was admitted post-surgery. It was really interesting to see her experience before, during, and after her surgery, and how all of the members of her care team worked together.

Sara Kullberg '15

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Major: Biology

Where are they now: Currently participating in a Clinical Dermatology Research Fellowship (Park Nicollet/VA funded). I am taking a flexible year for research in between my third and fourth year of medical at the University of Minnesota prior to applying for residency.

Career Exploration Site: Mankato Clinic

Favorite memory of Career Exploration: I really appreciated having the opportunity to work with a variety of different physicians in different specialties as an undergraduate, and see what types of careers are out there and can be possible. As the first person in my family considering a career in healthcare, participating in this type of opportunity was invaluable.


Josie Watzcak'12

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Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Where are they now: currently a second year in medical school at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus

Career Exploration Site: Mayo 

Favorite memory of Career Exploration: Getting to observe laboratory sciences and being allowed to test for my blood type as well as draw blood for the first time. It was the only time in the J-term I was able to do something hands-on instead of just shadowing. I also enjoyed shadowing the neurology PA and getting to watch an EMG exam.

Phoebe Brand '12



Major: Nursing 

 Minor: Peace Studies 

Where are they now: Working as a nurse practitioner with a geriatric and palliative care practice in Spearfish, SD. Our team strives to provide personalized, quality care to frail elders, those with life limiting illness, and their loved ones close to home. Ideally this means seeing them in their residence (home, assisted living, long term care), but we also see patients who are still able to access the community in our clinic, as well as consult on hospitalized patients. The physicians on our team provide medical direction for our local hospice as well. 

Career Exploration Site: Mayo 

Favorite memory of Career Exploration: Working with a biomedical technintion, Casey. He provided a well rounded, behind the scenes experience of what health care is truly like everyday. 

Levi Lutz '12

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Major: Biology 

Minor: Managment 

Where are they now: Graduated medical school from Des Moines University, and started as a resident physician at University of Nebraska Medical Center, specializing in Emergency medicine 

Career Exploration Site: Mayo 

Favorite memory of Career Exploration: Staff, and all of their help spanning from 1st year to graduation.

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