Ann Bergstrand '12

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Name: Ann Bergstrand

Graduating Class: 2012

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

My Story: My name is Ann Bergstrand, a GAC graduate (class of 2012). I grew up in Alexandria MN and had my heart set on a small, liberal arts undergraduate education. Gustavus fit the bill! The sciences always intrigued and interested me so I instantly fell into the pre-med freshman year, but didn’t decide 100% on medicine until end of sophomore year.

My Class Schedule (click to view PDF)

Top Five Activities/Experiences:

  • Medical elective in Kenya
  • Working at a group home
  • Working as a chemistry tutor
  • Gustavus cross country and track
  • Shadowing a physician
  • Biology and chemistry TA, chemistry tutor, chem/bio peer mentor


The medical school application process is extremely grueling. Although this process is inevitable, getting started early can really ease the pain. My biggest piece of advice for those pursuing medical school would be to start your personal statement today –it’ll likely go through endless rounds of edits, but it helps to start sifting through your thoughts and start to articulate your ambitions! Personally, my application timeline was more delayed than would be ideal. It worked out okay for me in the end but the unnecessary stress and anxiety I experienced could (and should!) be avoided!

Future Plans:

I will be attending the University of Minnesota Medical School–Duluth campus in the fall 2012.




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