Amy Loreen '12

Amy Picture

Name: Amy Loreen

Graduating Class: 2012

Majors: Biology, Mathematics

My Story: My name is Amy Loreen, Gustavus class of 2012, and I grew up in Renton, Washington (close to Seattle).

I chose Gustavus because of its community and general friendliness . I started freshman year planning on majoring in Biochemistry but eventually switched to a biology/ math double major: biology was for medical school, and math just for fun!

I’m interested in medicine in order to help people. While I was at Gustavus, I worked at a summer camp for kids with medical issues and other disabilities and this strongly supported my desire to go into medicine and work with the sick. Otherwise, I did service trips and missions during high school so I’d already basically had my heart set on it before I started college.

Top Five Activities/Experiences:

  • Counselor at Camp Knutson
  • Shadowing (multiple doctors)
  • Working as an accompanist
  • Tanzania Mission
  • Service trip to Idaho Indian Reservation

My Class Schedule (click to view PDF)

Future Plans:

Presently I’m studying at Creighton University School of Medicine and I foresee being here for 4 years after which I should be in a residency.



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