Savannah Maynard '18


Name: Savannah Maynard

Graduation Year: 2018

Major: Biology, Minor in Spanish

Your Story: Hey there! My name is Savannah and I am from Minneapolis, MN. I have known I wanted to be a doctor from a young age and came to Gustavus excited to pursue the pre-health path. I was able to combine my love of science and learning about language/culture at Gustavus through my Biology major and Spanish Minor. This combination of classes, along with the liberal arts curriculum, made me a well rounded student and I think helped me to become a better medical school applicant as well! Gustavus made it easy for me to pursue all of my academic and extracurriculars during my time on campus and I am grateful for my time on the hill. 

I first applied to medical school in 2018, just after graduating. I worked as a medical scribe during this time and got an interview at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and was placed on their waitlist. I was ultimately rejected, which was devastating, but made me all the more determined to become a physician. I waited a year and re-took my MCAT before applying again in 2020. By waiting a year to apply again I continued to gain experience in the medical field through work in the ER as a medical scribe and new positions scribing in an OB/GYN clinic and Addiction/Toxicology clinic. Now that I have been accepted to medical school after , I am grateful for the additional gap years and think I will be a better medical student now than I would have been 2 years ago. I am beyond excited to start medical school and am so thankful for my time at Gustavus because of the opportunities provided to me there. 

Top Five Activities/Experiences (in no particular order):

1: Gustie Greeters

2: Shadowing at the Mankato Clinic during J-term

3: Shadowing physicians in the Dominican Republic during J-term

4: Lucia Singers

5: Being a TA in the Biology Department (Bio 101, 201, 202)


1: Take time to pursue your interests. Med schools want well rounded and happy applicants. Grades and your resume are important but knowing yourself and your passions will allow you to be more confident in your application writing and interviewing skills. By developing self care techniques and hobbies you will be able to learn how to school/life balance which is so important for medical students!

2: Try not to panic if you don’t get into school the first time! Not getting into school the first time seemed like the end of the world for me at first. Pre-health is competitive and you devote so much time and money to preparing for applications, studying for and taking the MCAT and then actually applying that not getting accepted cuts deeply. It is important to remember that rejections are not reflections on your personality or character. So many people apply to medical school each year and not everyone can get in the first time. Keep working towards your goal, maybe retake your MCAT, find new volunteer opportunities, explore new areas of medicine to work in or shadow. There are endless possibilities to explore that will fulfill you and enhance your application for a second cycle. 

3: Enjoy your time at Gustavus! Four years on the hill seems so long as a first-year but it will go so fast. It is so easy to get focused on the requirements for medical school and soon you realize that your time is almost done at GAC. Go to SNL, enjoy the sports games, explore St. Peter and have fun with your friends! Say yes to extracurricular activities that you will enjoy, participate in them because you want to, not because you think you should! Even if they are not related to medicine most campus experiences will strengthen your application.

Future Plans: I will be attending the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Medical School, starting Fall 2021. I cannot wait to pursue a career in medicine at my dream school and hopefully do rotations at the hospital I scribed in and continue the relationships with the healthcare providers that I have developed during my gap years.