Torey Asao


Torey Asao 2015

Name: Torey Asao                                       

Graduating Class: 2014

Major: Biology

Your Story: Hello all! My name is Torey Asao and I recently graduated with the wonderful class of 2014. I’m from Chaska, Minnesota and grew up surrounded by a family of artists. Needless to say my interest in sports and science made me the oddball of the family.

My interest in Gustavus started from my desire to play collegiate football at a school where I could also receive a balanced education. My visits to campus showed me that Gustavus fulfilled both those criteria and also had the strongest community school out of all the schools I looked at.

I came into Gustavus trying to decide between management, health fitness, or pre-chiropractic… So kind of all over the map. I eventually decided on medicine at the conclusion of my sophomore year after realizing my interest in the human body from my anatomy and physiology classes. The professors and advising staff at Gustavus have played a tremendous role in helping me realize my aspirations to become a doctor. They really are some of the best in the business!

Top Five Activities/Experiences: (in no particular order)

  1. Gustavus Football
  2. Tau Psi Omega Fraternity
  3. Inter-Greek Senate
  4. Student Athlete Volunteer Educators
  5. Presidential Search Committee


  1. Don’t feel like there is a path you MUST follow. Each individual is different and passionate about different things. Find what you’re passionate about and seek out things you like to do. It is much easier to talk strongly about things you’re passionate about during interviews and interviewers can tell.
  1. Living a balanced life is important. Friends and hobbies are just as important as the academic part of school. Not only are friends there to help you relax and relieve stress, but they’re a strong support system too!
  1. Take care of yourself. A good nights sleep, eating right, and exercising are crucial in keeping yourself on point so you can do well academically. There are always going to be things you can do to get ahead, but make sure you aren’t sacrificing sleep unnecessarily.


Future Plans: Attending Oakland University- William Beaumont, Rochester, MI, start Fall 2015.

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