Courtney Tusler '15

Courtney jpeg

Name: Courtney Tusler

Graduating Class: 2014

Major/ Minor: Biology, Sociology/ Anthropology Minor

Your Story:  My name is Courtney Tusler and I am a senior biology major. I am originally from Brainerd, Minnesota. My interest in the medical field began at a young age and was initially sparked by my mom who is a nurse. Growing up I enjoyed talking with her about the many possible careers within medicine and the diversity of specialties that this field has to offer. I was fascinated by how many different departments and specialties of medicine there where within our one local hospital.

     As I began to look at colleges, I was drawn to Gustavus because of the strong sense of community that is present on campus and for the wide range of experiences that are provided through involvement in classes and student organizations. In coming to Gustavus I have met so many incredible people and had so many wonderful experiences. I have enjoyed learning not only in classes, but also through each organization I have been a part of. During my four years here I have had many opportunities to explore the medical field, such as the January Intern Career Exploration. I have also worked at an assisted living home as a Resident Caregiver and I loved being a part of a team of health care professionals as well as working with the residents each day. These experiences have solidified my decision to enter this field and the support and encouragement of professors and friends here on campus have helped me to continue to pursue a career in medicine.

Top Five Activities/ Experiences:

  1. Being a member of Habitat for Humanity Spring Break Collegiate Challenge trips to Sumter, South Carolina and Laredo, Texas.
  2. Working as a Resident Caregiver at an assisted living facility in my hometown of Brainerd, Minnesota.
  3. Participating in the Pre-Health Career Explorations Program at River’s Edge Hospital and Clinic and shadowing with physicians during the summer in Brainerd
  4. Being a TA for the chemistry department.
  5. Having the opportunity to meet so many individuals on campus, such a professor and fellow students, as well as off campus by becoming involved in the community through Study Buddies, Habitat for Humanity, and Big Partner Little Partner.


  1. It is important to find balance as you go through college and beyond. Make sure to find time to spend with friends, family, and doing this you enjoy. Doing well academically is important, but it is also important to remain balanced and to not become overwhelmed by classes.
  2. Find time to also be involved in activities and extra curriculars that are not medically related. It is really important to have medical experiences that can help solidify your decision to enter medicine and to explore this diverse field, but also be sure you are involved in activities that you enjoy and will give you very diverse experiences.
  3. Take the time to talk to as many different health care professionals as possible. It is really helpful to hear a variety of opinions about entering into a health care profession, and even if it might not be the exact profession you are hoping to enter, you can learn from everyone and gain an understanding of the importance of every professional in this field.

Future Plans

Attending the University of Minnesota Duluth Medical School, start Fall 2015.