Emma Motl '14


Name: Emma Motl                                      

Graduating Class: 2014

Major: Chemistry

Your Story:

I grew up in a small town in rural MN on a dairy farm. My parents were very hard-workers and instilled that drive within me. My interest in medicine was piqued at a very young age as I saw my sister’s rare form of neuromuscular dystrophy develop and sat in the background during her clinic visits. Much later, as I was considering colleges I knew that I wanted a well-developed education where I could make connections with my professors as more that just a face in a sea of students. Gustavus was then an obvious choice.

During my time there, I was able to do exactly that through research opportunities, clubs, and more. I majored in chemistry not only due to my love of the field, but also because of the amazing faculty there. More than my GPA though, I was able to complete career explorations through Gustavus proving to myself and future interview panels that medicine was the field for me.


Top Five Activities/Experiences: (in no particular order)

  1. Chem Club
  2. Pre-Med Club
  3. Pre-Health Interim Career Exploration Program @ River’s Edge in St. Peter
  4. Working with True Friends Camps
  5. Working in the Chem Dept as a tutor and TA



  1. Gustavus has a great community- find your niche and make more of your college experience than just classes. Those extra experiences you have from college are just as important to your applications as your grades and MCAT scores.


  1. Say yes more (within reason). This is your undergrad experience-make it your own. Even those activities, clubs, and events you feel aren’t healthcare-related are important in your interviews and personal statements. In fact, sometimes these are the experiences that are most important.


  1. Recognize that there is no one-way to do anything. Everyone got to the same place as you from a different path. There is no straight line because every detour was something you felt was important at the time.


Future Plans:  Attending University of Minnesota-Duluth, starting in Fall 2015


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