Gusties Attending Physical Therapy School

Fall 2019, Physical Therapy

5 students (2 Class of 2019, 3 Alumni)

Creighton (2 students)

Mercer University

West Virginia University

College of St. Scholastica

Fall 2018, Physical Therapy

10 students (2 Class of 2018, 8 alumni) 10 total accepted, 9 enrolled

University of Maryland- Eastern Shore

Briar Cliff University (South Bend, IN)

College of St. Scholastica (2 students)

University of South Dakota

University of St. Augustine

Creighton University 

University of Wisconsin

Army-Baylor University (Texas)

University of Jamestown (North Dakota)


Fall 2017, Physical Therapy

5 students (4 Class of 2017, 1 alumni) 5 total accepted, 4 enrolled

St. Catherine University (2 students)
Des Moines University
Concordia University of Wisconsin
Concordia St. Paul

Fall 2016, Physical Therapy

10 students (6 Class of 2016, 4 alumni)

Mayo Clinic (4 students)

St. Scholastica(3 students)

University of Minnesota

Concordia St. Paul

St. Catherine University


Fall 2015, Physical Therapy

6 students (2 Class of 2015, 3 alumni) 6 total accepted, 5 enrolled

Mayo Clinic

University of Minnesota (2 students)

St. Scholastica

Concordia St. Paul

Southwest Baptist University, MO

Fall 2014, Physical Therapy

8 students (5 Class of 2014, 3 alumni)

Concordia St. Paul

Mayo Clinic

University of Iowa

University of Minnesota

University of Saint Mary (2 students)

St. Catherine University

University of Mary, North Dakota

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