Brad Basco '17

Brad Basco

Name: Brad Basco                             

Graduating Class: 2017

Major: Psychological Science


I am a big sports guy. I’ve watched and participated in athletic events ever since I can remember. Along with that, I have been in the offices of physical therapists more than a handful of times. I was always fortunate to be referred to such amazing physical therapists that knew what they were doing and helped me recover quickly. I remember thinking on one of those visits that I really admire what physical therapists do, and I love the immense amount of interaction that physical therapists have with their patients.

Starting at Gustavus, I didn’t know exactly what career path I was supposed to embark on. I remember one day thinking back to my experiences in physical therapists offices and how I thought I would be well suited to do that job. After observing a variety of physical therapists at their offices I realized that I would be able to find my place working in this field. Since then I’ve only been reaffirmed with wonderful mentors who work in the field and an increasing interest in learning more about the human body.

Top Five Activities/Experiences:

  1. Gustavus Collegiate Fellow
  2. Study Abroad Programs (Australia/New Zealand and Italy)
  3. Gustavus Men’s Basketball Program
  4. Alpha Chi Delta Fraternity
  5. Becoming a more well-rounded person by taking classes in a variety of fields


  1. Start early and record everything you are doing in regards to observation hours and extracurricular activities
  2. Get involved in things that interest you, do things that you love. Creating relationships around mutual interests form the best friendships, and knowing people is important for any career.
  3. Work hard, but don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. School is important, but it isn’t everything. Enjoy college and the bountiful opportunities that it provides for growth.

Future Plans: Taking a gap year to explore the world, seeing different cultures and populations, then attending St. Catherine University for their Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, start Fall 2018.

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