Alex Shaikoski '17

Alex Shaikoski '17

Name: Alex Shaikoski                                                      

Graduating Class: 2017

Major: Biology


I came to GAC planning on being a biochemistry major with the plan to go to dental school afterwards. I quickly dropped the chemistry part of that major when I realized I wasn’t particularly good at it, and decided to try to achieve a Political Science major while still getting the pre-requisites done for dental school. During the Fall semester of my junior year, I had the realization that it would be worth looking into what PT school was about, since it was something that had always interested me, and my biggest regret at Gustavus was not being an Athletic Training major. I loved shadowing Physical Therapists and learning about the profession, just like I had done for dentistry during my sophomore year January Interim Career Exploration. I actually applied to both Physical Therapy and Dental schools, but in the end decided to go down the PT route. I will be leaving GAC to go to a PT school with a Biology degree and a Political Science minor.

Top Five Activities/Experiences:

  1. Being a Collegiate Fellow
  2. Building and founding Alpha Chi Delta Fraternity
  3. Spending countless afternoons and nights at the Mankato movie theaters with friends
  4. Being Student Senate Co-President
  5. Being on the Senior Week Planning Committee


  1. Keep an open mind to making a profession out of things that generally interest you.
  2. Keep plugging along with tough classes or semesters; you will be able to overcome them if you put your mind to it.
  3. The best things to put on your applications are things that are closest to your heart; take the time at Gustavus to be passionate about something that it is important to you.

Future Plans: Attending Concordia University of Wisconsin’s DPT program staring Summer 2017, planning to graduate from that in May 2020, and then move to the Twin Cities to start in my field.

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