Institutional Review Board

@ Gustavus

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All research involving human participants conducted at Gustavus Adolphus College, or under its sponsorship, must be reviewed and approved by the Gustavus Institutional Review Board (IRB). Details about the process are available in the Gustavus IRB Policy Manual, but below are the basic steps to get you started.

Basic Steps
  1. Determine if your project qualifies as human subject research.
    1. The IRB would happily have a pre-application video chat if you are unsure.
  2. Complete the CITI Social & Behavioral Research Basic Course.
    1. All personnel working on the project, including the faculty/staff supervisor, must complete this training. Once you have successfully completed the training, your certification is effective campus wide for 3 years.
  3. Submit your CITI completion certificate, Form F, and any additional documents (e.g., consent documents and surveys) to the IRB for review using the online submission form.
    1. All documents should be submitted at the same time.
    2. For consent documents, please use the IRB's Consent Template as a starting point.

Note: It is often helpful to consult with the IRB during the study planning process before you request formal approval of a project. The IRB may be able to help you identify minor changes that could facilitate approval. We also maintain an FAQ that may answer some questions you have.

Forms & Documents

At any point during the process, you can contact the IRB at


Kyle E. Chambers - IRB Chair
Professor of Psychological Science
Social Sciences

Sarah Bridges - IRB Administrator
Assistant Dean of Research in the Provost's Office
Director of Research and Sponsored Programs

Ella Burnham
Assistant Professor in Math, Computer Science, and Statistics
Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Serving from 2022-2025

Laura Boomgaarden
Administrative Assistant in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics and Physics
Serving from 2020-2023

Kayla De Lorme
Associate Professor of Psychological Science
Social Sciences
Serving from 2021-2024

Maggie Falenschek
Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministries
Engagement Coordinator, The Gustavus Academy for Faith, Science and Ethics in Chaplains' Office
Serving from 2020-2023

Daniel Mollner
Associate Professor in Library
Serving from 2021-2024 (Sabbatical Fall 2021)

Lynnea Myers
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Serving from 2020-2024 ( Fall 2022)

Maren Kind ‘15
Speech Language Pathologist
St. Peter Public Schools
Serving from 2020-2025

Hayley Russell
Associate Professor in Health and Exercise Science
Director of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, Creativity, and Dialogue
Serving from 2022-2025