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  • ...l addresses. An e-mail alias works by [[e-mail forwarding|forwarding]] the group e-mail to each individual address. ...vember 12th. After this date, all changes to groups will be done using the Google Groups interface.'''
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  • ...into other [[Category:Calendar|Calendar]] applications like [[iCal]] or [[Google Calendar]].
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  • [ Google Meet] is an online videoconferencing tool. The solution enables users to ma Google Meet integrates with G Suite versions of Google Calendar and Gmail and shows the complete list of participants and schedule
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  • ...on files/folders on Google Drive and they can also be used when assigning Google Calendar events. Benefits of Google Groups:
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  • ...lab and institutionally owned machines), Department Share Access, Gustavus Google Resources, Gustavus People Search and other web resources. You are required The Sync password tool will help with machine logons and Google Calendar.
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  • ...e Calendar''' is a [[web-based]] group calendaring application hosted by [[Google]]. ...daring application. If you are a Gustavus employee or student, you can use Google Calendar to manage or share your calendar and schedule meetings with other
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  • members who leave the institution or are no longer part of the group. Google Drive document ownership should be moved prior to the employee's last day, all personal data from their computer and any network shares (including Google Drive) or locations tied to their Gustavus user credentials.
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  • ...and edited with people you grant access. You can also upload documents to Google Drive and access them from any location, if you have an Internet connection ...ociated with Gustavus. If you are also a Gmail user, you have at least two Google Drive Accounts (one for each gmail account, and one Gustavus account). Thes
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  • ...ine, located on the first floor of Olin Hall. The Technology Helpline is a group of student employees led by full-time User Services staff. Helpline employ ...- GusMail users should use the web interface ([]), Gustavus Email users can use [[Thunderbird]] (Windows and OSX), [[Ma
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  • ==Sync your Google Calendar to Starfish== ...rbird, Outlook or MacMail, the calendar doesn't sync back to your Gustavus Google Calendar.'''
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  • ==[ '''Q: Should I use appointments in Starfish and sync my Gustavus Google Calendar?'''
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  • ...number. Zoom with an online plug-in can integrate with G Suite versions of Google Calendar and Gmail. ...a the [ Google Play Store].
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  • ...laptop via a USB cable. Remote students who are connecting through Zoom or Google Meet would be able to hear and participate in classroom discussions. *High quality audio for group conversations
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