Google Drive



Google Drive is a cloud based storage system. Cloud based means that the information uploaded or created with Google Drive remains on Google's servers. This is an additional protection against data loss if your hard drive fails, or your files become inaccessible. Google Drive is available to all users that have a Google login. Google Drive lets you create documents (text document, spreadsheet, slideshow) and store them online accessible with your Google credentials. Documents created in Google Drive are able to be shared and edited with people you grant access. You can also upload documents to Google Drive and access them from location you have a connection to the Internet.

If you are a Gustavus user, you have a Google Drive account associated with Gustavus. If you are also a Gmail user, you have at least two Google Drive Accounts (one for each gmail account, and one Gustavus account). These two accounts are separate, however you are able to share the documents between the accounts.

How Do I Access my Account/Files?

That's a great question! The method for access varies depending on which account you wish to access.

  • Gustavus account
    Inputting your Full Gustavus Email Address

The login process for accessing your Gustavus Gooogle drive looks slightly different. After visiting, enter your full Gustavus email in the email field. This mean "", and not "". You can either enter your Gustavus password or not. Whether or not you enter your password does not matter, because Google recognizes the Gustavus account, and forwards you to the Gustavus login page.

  • Gmail account
    Google Drive Login Screen

If you are looking to access your Google Drive account associated with a gmail address, visit You will then be prompted with a login screen. Input your gmail email address and your password. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you may be asked to enter a code before Google Drive will allow you to access your files. Two Factor Authentication is optional and takes deliberate, specific steps to set up. If you're reading this, and have no idea what two-factor authentication is, you likely don't have it and thus, do not need to worry. For more information regarding two-factor authentication, please see Google's two-factor authentication information page.

Sharing Folders/Files

To share a file or folder with others on Google Drive, simply right click on the folder/file you want to share (this will be a Control click if you do not have a right mouse button). Go to share as displayed below. Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 3.13.13 PM.png Click on share. When the new window pops up, enter the e-mails of the google accounts of the people you want to share the folder/file with in the space near the bottom. Then click "Done." The people you shared the file with should be able to find it in their "Shared With Me" folder in their Drive.

How much can my Drive hold?

Your Gustavus Google Drive account will hold 30 GB of data, more than enough for most people. However, should you need more data, you can purchase more storage space for a few extra dollars per month on this page.

Google Drive Desktop Application

Google gives you the option of installing Google Drive on your computer. This means that you will have a Google Drive folder stored on your computer that is connected to your Google Drive. Saving a file in your Google Drive folder on your computer means that your computer will also save it online. This is very useful as a backup for important files.

To install the Desktop Application, follow this link and choose the type of Device (Mac, Android, PC, etc) that you are using.

More Questions?

If you have more questions about using Google Drive, check out this page. It interactively shows you how to use your online Google Drive. If this doesn't answer your question, feel free to call in to Tech Service at x6111.