Gustavus User Settings

The Gustavus User Settings Page (GUS Page) is where you change your password, update your profile, and do other account-related things.


To access your Gustavus User Settings (Gus) Page:

  1. Click on the yellow user icon on the Gustavus homepage (upper right hand corner).
  2. Supply your Gustavus credentials (e-mail username and password).
  3. Click on your image on the home page (upper right hand corner).
  4. Select Gustavus User Settings.



The Applications page gives you quick access to some useful web based resources.


Basic information

The Basic section allows you to update or change your basic profile information, including Education and Biography information. You have the option to mark entries are private. Items marked as private will not be shared on the Gustavus Search (Gribly) or be view-able to others in your profile.

Profile picture and attachments

This section allows you to upload or change your profile picture. To hide your profile picture - Click the edit link over the photo and check the Private box and save.

Contact information

This section is for general contact information. Your Alternate e-mail is used if you forget your password, we will use this e-mail address to help you choose a new one. Private means entries will not show in Gustavus Search (Gribly).

Emergency contact

In the event of a campus emergency or when communication with you is imperative, Gustavus may seek to contact you through email, text, and/or telephone messages. This is where you update or input that information. You musts supply at least one Emergency contact.


Change password

Your Gustavus User Account password controls access to e-mail, Moodle, computer logins (lab and institutionally owned machines), Department Share Access, Gustavus Google Resources, Gustavus People Search and other web resources. You are required to change your password once a year.

To Change your password from the Gustavus User Settings page:

  • Click Change password.
  • Follow the prompts.

Reset password

If you have an alternate email on file, you can have a password reset request sent to that address.

To use the Self Reset option, from the Gustavus User Settings page:

  • Click Reset password.
  • An email will be sent to your alternate e-mail address with directions for resetting your Gustavus User Account password.

Sync password

The Sync password tool will help with machine logons and Google Calendar. To use the Sync password tool, from the Gustavus User Settings page:

  • Click Sync password.
  • Follow the prompts.


Auto responder

When enabled, each sender will receive your auto responder message only once. This automated response will be in effect until you return to this page and disable it. To use the Auto responder, from the Gustavus User Settings page:

  • Click Auto responder.
  • Compose your response.
  • Click enable.


When enabled all mail delivered to your Gustavus account will be forwarded to another account. Gustavus neither stores nor keeps track of messages that have been forwarded to another account.

To enable Forwarding, from the Gustavus User Settings page:

  • Click Forwarding.
  • Enter your forwarding address.
  • Click enable.

GusMail Migration

The GusMail Migration tool is where you initiate or check on the migration to GusMail. For more information please see: Migrating to GusMail (Powered by Google).


The Lists tool allows you to create and maintain e-mail aliases. An e-mail alias (or e-mail list) is a special e-mail address used to send e-mail to a group of one or more e-mail addresses.

To create a list, from the Gustavus User Settings page:

  • Click Lists.
  • Supply the name of your desired list in the window. The name can be anything, but is most often something descriptive of the group (i.e. chess-club). No spaces or special characters are allowed.
  • Click Create List.

To edit a list, from the Gustavus User Settings page:

  • Click Lists.
  • Click the list you want to edit.
  • Under Recipients, add the email addresses of all those you wish on the list. If it is a Gustavus email address, you need only type their username (jdoe). If it is an email address from another domain, enter in the full address (
  • Under Administrators, add the email addresses of anyone you want to have Administrative privileges. List Administrators have edit control and must be Gustavus users.

Spam filtering

SpamAssassin is a free, open source software that Gustavus uses on its e-mail server to help identify and remove spam.

For help or additional information regarding SpamAssasin, please see: SpamAssassin

Report Lost 3 Crowns Card

This tool allows you to report a lost or missing 3 Crowns Card. It also allows you to report it found.