Software is a program or set of programs that run on computer hardware. Software allows you to do everything from playing games on your computer and writing papers on your computer.

Software available to employees

Your institutionally owned Macintosh or Windows computer will come with the Microsoft Office Suite already installed. There are many other software options available for download in Managed Software Center (Macintosh) and the Software Center (Windows).

Employees may also access software such as the Adobe Creative Cloud suite via the Virtual Lab.

Windows Software Center

The Windows Software Center gives the employee the ability to deploy some of the software above on their machine. The instructions below will walk through the process of using the Software Center.

  1. First make sure there are no Windows updates or reboots pending on your machine. If your machine requires a reboot or if you are not sure, reboot your computer before proceeding. Note: The software deployment will fail if your machine requires a reboot.
  2. Close all open applications to avoid any conflicts with the software deployment.
  3. Click Start->All Programs->Microsoft System Center->Software Center
  4. In the Software Center, select Available Software. This will list all the available software that can be deployed to your machine.
  5. Click on any of the software and then click Install.
    1. If the software is not available on the initial list, click the "Find Additional applications from the Application Catalog" link and login with gustie\yourusername and password.
  6. Now wait for the software install to complete. This process may take a while as it downloads and installs the software. You may check the Installation Status or Installed Software tabs in the Software Center about the status of the installation.

Apple Managed Software Update

Managed Software Center

Software available to students

The following list of software is available for students to install on their personally owned computers.

Students may also access software via the Virtual Lab