Electronic mail

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Electronic mail or E-mail is a method of communicating via the Internet.

Email Options

Technology Services currently supports two options for email.

  • GusMail (Powered by Google) - Students (Class of 2019 and later, and those who have migrated) and new employees (as of January 2017) are set up using GusMail (Powered by Google). For more information on GusMail, please see: GusMail.
  • Gustavus Email - Employees that have not migrated to GusMail are using Gustavus mail.

Web Interface

You can use a web interface to check your email.

  • GusMail (Powered by Google) - For help using GusMail, please see:GusMail. To log into GusMail, please visit: mail.google.com.
  • Gustavus Email - The web interface for Gustavus email users is called WebMail. For help using WebMail, please see:Webmail. To log into WebMail, please visit: webmail.gac.edu

E-mail clients

You can use an email client to check your Gustavus email. The web interface is recommended for GusMail users, as it provides anti-phishing protection. Gustavus recommends Thunderbird or Apple Mail for Gustavus email users. Please follow the links below for help with configuration:


If you are a Gustavus email user, you can configure your e-mail client to work with with the following settings.

Gustavus Email Incoming

  • Type: IMAP
  • Server: imap.gac.edu
  • Port: 993
  • Connection security: SSL

Gustavus Email Outgoing

  • Server: smtp-auth.gac.edu
  • Port: 465
  • Connection security: SSL

If you are a GusMail user, you can configure your e-mail client to work with the following settings:

GusMail Incoming Settings

  • Type: IMAP
  • Server: imap.gmail.com
  • Port: 993
  • Connection security: SSL

GusMail Outgoing Settings

  • Server: smtp.gmail.com
  • Port: 465
  • Connection security: SSL

Frequently asked questions

"Can I retrieve messages that people sent to a non-existent e-mail address?"

No. If a user sends e-mail to an e-mail address that does not exist, our server sends E-mail bounces and does not keep the original message. The best solution is for the user to contact those who may have sent e-mail to the non-existent e-mail address to have them re-send to the correct address.

"Can I set up email on my phone or tablet?"

Yes. Please see our help pages:

Contact us

Please contact the Technology Helpline at 507-933-6111, stop by the Technology Services department in Olin Hall or complete our contact form.