Electronic mail(Redirected from E-mail)

Electronic mail or E-mail is a method of communicating via the Internet.

Email Options

  • GusMail (Powered by Google) - Students and employees are set up using GusMail (Powered by Google). For more information on GusMail, please see: GusMail.

Web Interface

You can use a web interface to check your email.

  • GusMail (Powered by Google) - For help using GusMail, please see:GusMail. To log into GusMail, please visit: mail.google.com.

E-mail clients

Email clients such as those listed below are NOT support by GTS. They will not function with GusMail.

Frequently asked questions

"Can I retrieve messages that people sent to a non-existent e-mail address?"

No. If a user sends e-mail to an e-mail address that does not exist, our server sends E-mail bounces and does not keep the original message. The best solution is for the user to contact those who may have sent e-mail to the non-existent e-mail address to have them re-send to the correct address.

"Can I set up email on my phone or tablet?"

Yes. Please see our help pages: