IOS Mail

This article describes how to add your Gustavus e-mail account to your iOS device. The screenshots were taken from an iPad, but are transferrable to the iPhone or iPod Touch.

GusMail users

Please see our Google Mail web page for instructions on setting up GusMail on an IOS device.

Creating new account

1. Select "Settings" on the home screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch


2. Select "Accounts & Passwords" from the list and select "Add Account"


3. Select "Other"


4. Select Add Mail Account


Basic account settings

5. A page with account information fields appears Fill out the information fields as follows:

Account information

  • Name: Enter your full name as you would like it to appear on the messages that you send.
  • Address: Enter your full e-mail address i.e.
  • Password: your Gustavus e-mail password.
  • Description: Name your account something descriptive such as "Gustavus".


6. Select IMAP.

Incoming Mail Server

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)


7. Click Next

8. Click Save at the next screen to complete the mail setup. You will be directed back to the "Mail Settings" page.


Security settings

7. Touch the "Gustavus" account which you just saved.


8. Select "yourusername@gustavus" at the bottom to configure security options.


9. Select the Advanced button.


10. The Advanced Settings screen will appear. Fill out the information fields as follows:

Mailbox Behaviors

  • Drafts Mailbox: Drafts
  • Sent Mailbox: Sent Messages
  • Deleted Mailbox: Deleted Messages

Deleted Messages

  • Remove: After one week

Incoming Settings

  • Use SSL: On
  • Authentication: Password
  • IMAP Path Prefix: /
  • Server Port: 993


Outgoing Settings

  • Use SSL: On
  • Authentication: Password
  • Server Port: 587

Ipadmailios712.PNG Ipadmailios713.PNG

10. You are done configuring your mobile device for e-mail access. Push your home button to get back to the home screen and start using the Apple Mobile Mail application.

I changed my Gustavus User Account password, how do I update the settings for my iOS device?

If your iOS device does not prompt you to update your password when you check AND send e-mail please remove the account and add it back.

To remove the account -

  • Select Settings
  • Select Mail (iOS 10.10.x),then Accounts - or Mail, Accounts and Calendars
  • Select your Gustavus account
  • Select Delete Account

To add the Gustavus account back, please see the above directions.