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Current OS

We are currently deploying Windows 7 x64 on Windows laptops and desktop computers. We are deploying OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) on Apple laptops and desktops.

Frequently Used Applications

  • E-mail - Thunderbird (Windows) and Mail.app (OSX)
  • Web Browser - Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome and Firefox (Windows) and Safari and Firefox (OSX)
  • Productivity Suite - Microsoft Office 2010 (Windows) and Microsoft Office 2011 and iWork (OSX)
  • Adobe - Adobe CS6 Suite (Windows/OSX)

For a full list of software used, please see Software.

Backup Drives

With all new computers delivered, GTS is providing backup drives. Windows desktop computers will have a secondary drive installed in the tower, while laptops and Apple desktops will have an external backup drive accompanying the computer. GTS makes every effort to setup the initial back up for your computer but please note it is the users responsibility to make sure your data is being backed up. If you have any questions regarding your backup please contact the Technology Helpline at x6111.

Frequently Used Websites

New Employee


Gustavus Technology Services (GTS) would like to welcome you to Gustavus! It is our hope that this web page will supply you with the information necessary to answer most of your technology-related questions. See Also https://gustavus.edu/gts/Technology_Information_for_New_Employees

New Computer

Generally new employees are issued a new software setup specifically for you. Occasionally a department will request files to be transferred to the computer from a previous user to help with work history.

Current Employee


Your computer’s hard drive has been completely backed up and will be stored on our secure backup server for six months. We have also physically removed your old hard drive, and will keep it for two months to ensure all of your data from your previous hard drive was transferred to your new/refreshed computer. Please make sure all of your data was transferred within these two months.


If you had unique software installed, please double checked that it was reinstalled. If not, please contact us.

You can check our Windows Software Center for available programs you can self install.


Good computing habits

Backing up data

Please be aware of the backup that we have setup on your office computer, if you experience any problems or see any errors, please contact us ASAP.


Please be aware that GTS will never ask you for your password. If you receive a lot of SPAM, please adjust your SPAM settings


Don’t automatically open attachments without knowing what the file is, even from people who you know.


Make all accounts on your computer password protected. Make them complicated by mixing letters, numbers, and symbols. Please see http://gustavus.edu/gts/Password

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